10 Things You Never Knew About Skoda’s Cars


Skoda has been renowned for being one of the biggest car manufacturers on the globe, and is known for its solid build quality and fantastic value-for-money. Skoda is also one among the oldest serving car makers in the world and sells more than 1 million cars a year. This Czech brand has been around for more than 100 years, which has seen a rise in the value of its cars. The manufacturer produces lots of award-winning products that are sold worldwide. After Volkswagen and Skoda joined hands in 2000, things have only gotten better. Skoda’s cars are loved in India and are preferred over many other rivals, despite their relatively high price tags. We list out a couple of points that you may not have been aware of about the company.

1) Leading German engineering

The Germans have always had a name when it comes to the growth and evolution of the automotive industry. Skoda is known to be one of the leaders on the German technology front, particularly in India. We’ve always considered German engineering to be of the best quality, and Indians have been lured to Skoda’s cars because of it has played a key role in developing modern technology across the world. Skoda’s unconventional designs and tank-like build makes it one among the most preferred premium car brands, not only in India, but in other European countries too.

2) Skoda’s cars look simple and elegant

Elegance always lies in the finest of details, and Skoda has it covered on this front, carrying a very clean and uncluttered without being overdone. Cars buyers in the premium segment like Skoda for its simplicity and those soft and tidy lines manage to appeal to many Indians. And the kind of class these cars offers, many cars from a segment above are found struggling to keep up.

3) Tough build quality

After a particular life span, it’s only natural that a car loses some of its appeal, but Skoda’s cars, with their understated looks, age gracefully. These cars also feel like they’re made to take on different seasons over generations, and crossing 1,00,000kms on the odometer is nothing but child’s play for cars of this sort. But credit goes to the levels of engineering poured into making these cars. Also, these cars manage to carry a great resale vale because of the build quality.

4) Powerful turbo engines

After the BS6 norms came into being, every car and bike manufacturer has made the move to a new generation of cleaner and greener engines. The engines on offer in our market are great too. The most recent of them being the 1.0-litre TSI petrol engine that makes 106bhp and 175Nm of torque. Skoda also offers its powerful 2.0-litre turbo petrol engine that does duty in the facelifted Skoda Superb.

5) Terrific road presence

With their striking yet simple designs, Skoda cars have amazing road presence, and being an upmarket brand, it is visible in the design. Skoda has ensured to nail it on this front, making their cars stand out on our roads.

6) Skoda is also reliable

When we think of reliability, Japanese and German cars are the first to spring up in our minds. Skoda’s cars very reliable – right from the engine to the cabin, everything feels built to last. But this also why Skoda’s cars are quite expensive to mend on a long term basis. Skoda’s technicians ensure that a lot of care goes into their cars.

7) Skodas are safe

Again, German engineering plays a key role in safety. Not only are they brimming with luxury; these cars are also safe and sound to be seated in. German car makers are hugely capable of delivering on this front. Skodas come with features like ABS with EBD, cruise control, airbags and hill ascent and descent.

8) Feature-laden products

Skoda’s cars are so beautifully engineering, they leave their customers wanting for nothing more. They come loaded with equipment, which obviously does add to the overall cost of the car. Most customers are immediately convinced after looking at the features, whether it is on the safety or comfort and convenience front.

9) They make the vRS

Skoda’s vRS is the brand’s ultimate performance offering for enthusiasts who can afford to splurge on one, and remains a favourite among tuning enthusiasts. The first vRS was introduced in India, in 2005, and packed in a punch with 187bhp and 280Nm of torque. The vRS has been tuned to make more power and noise. This still remains a very desirable performance machine in our country.

10) Loyal Skoda customers

Once you invest in a Skoda, you’re sold for various reasons, and that gives you a reason to have your next car as a Skoda as well. The brand has always paid keen attention to its customers, which in turn, makes them loyal over time. Most Skoda customers will always recommend a Skoda to another. Also, read the latest car comparisons, only at autoX.