10 Tips to Make Your Work from Home Productive

Shot of lovely little dog looking the laptop while her beautiful owner working with him in living room at home.

Many companies around the world are opting for work from home for their employees particularly due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Working from home is convenient but sometimes it can get challenging as well. Understanding the concept of working from home and being efficient and productive at the job is very necessary for your growth and development.

At the office, there are many distractions like you getting engaged in a conversation with your colleagues. However, you can still get your work done efficiently as your mind stays active and energetic in such an environment. You can discuss the issues you are facing during work and find a relevant solution to the problems. Working from home can have distractions like family, household chores, etc. In addition to that, there is less communication which can keep your mind conserved and hence result in less productivity. Below are some tips which you can utilize to make your work from home productive.

1.   Have your own workspace

Having your own workspace while you are working from home is very important. If you work on your bed, couch, or chair there is a possibility that you can fall asleep or get easily distracted by TV, music, etc. There is more possibility of distractions at home than at your office. In order to keep yourself focused and organized you need to have a dedicated office at home. This can help you concentrate on your work better. Everyone must be aware of working remotely from home advice and information to increase productivity at work.

2.   Create a To-do-List

Tracking the tasks that you are doing or going to do is the best way to become productive. To-do-List helps you efficiently utilize your time and helps you check on your progress. You can write down the tasks that you will be completing by the end of the day and focus on completing the same. You can prioritize the tasks and include all the details in the To-do-List. This is one of the very good ways to make your work from home productive.

3.   Maintain proper working hours

Most of the employees work for more hours while they are working from home. They do not realize the time as they are in their comfort zones at home. If you are a workaholic and consistently working without maintaining any working hours then it can overstress you eventually with time. This can lower your productivity and also affect your health in some or another way. Having a good work-life balance is necessary and it has to be followed without any excuse.

4.   Take short breaks

If you genuinely want to be more productive at your work consider taking short breaks to refresh your mind. Taking breaks helps in keeping the mind clear and stable which in turn can help you to concentrate on your work. You can just move away from your home office desk and take some fresh air or spend time with your pet for five or ten minutes. This can cheer you up and increase your efficiency.

5.   Stay away from digital distractions

At the office, you must not be checking social media much but while you are working from home you certainly get tempted to check it as you are alone. In order to keep this distraction away while you are working from home, you need to keep your phone away if you don’t have to use the internet. You can log out from all your social media accounts and disable the notifications and alerts so there are no distractions while you are working.

6.   Exercise on a regular basis

A good workout can keep your endorphins flowing and can make you energetic. Exercises can keep you mentally and physically strong which in turn helps you become more productive. Most of the employees working from home stick to the same position throughout the day and forget to move which can result in many health issues and also affect the work. Hence, in order to be proactive regular exercises can play a vital role.

7.   Interact with the team

When you are working from home, most of the time you are in isolation as you cannot discuss your work with family members. This can lead to boredom and loneliness which can affect your work. Hence you need to socialize by interacting with your colleagues on the video chat apps. Interacting with the team can help you better understand the work and also resolve issues that you must be facing at work. Video calls are a great way to stay connected with your teammates and be more productive.

8.   Prefer Eating and sleeping on time

Another important factor that can affect your productivity is your sleeping and eating patterns. Having a healthy diet can facilitate better functioning of the brain which helps in working more efficiently. An unhealthy diet can have an adverse effect on your health and hence productivity. Also, you need to get enough sleep to concentrate better on your work. Good sleep can refresh your mind and keep you stable at work.

9.   Separate work time and personal time

Having your work and personal life balanced can help you stay productive at work. You need to set time for work and family. This helps in reducing stress and keeping your mind at peace. Communication with family after work can refresh your mind and help you start fresh on the next day of work. Avoid extending the workday beyond the working hours that you have planned in your schedule.

10. Set rules for the family

Working remotely is not as easy as it seems to be especially when someone does not understand the concept of it. It’s important to let the family know what working from home is and what are the expectations that you have from them. Help them know that they cannot interrupt you during working hours. This way you can concentrate on your work better.

Final Thoughts:

A particular shift from the office to work from home can get challenging but with the above tips, you can certainly be more productive and efficient. Making these changes in your routine can help you be proactive.