5 Cheap Ways to Protect Your Back Door


For reasons of stealth, about 25% of house break-ins use the back entrance. If the door contains a glass panel, it increases the chance of burglary because it can be easily broken if the panel is not properly secured. This article will teach you 5 inexpensive methods to protect your back door from thieves.

Window Film For Privacy

Some people confuse security window film with privacy film. Not at all. The installation process is the same, but the aim is different. 

A privacy window film, as its name suggests, is coated with an opaque or frosted material that blocks the view of what’s inside the house.

Those within the house can see what’s outside, but those outside can’t see what’s inside, just like a two-way mirror. Because would-be thieves can’t see where the valuables are stored, it’s an ideal glass security door solution. 

Laminated Security Glass

Laminate security glass is another option to install on hurricane rated commercial doors. It acts similarly to tempered glass, with the exception that it does not break into countless little pieces upon impact. 

This method incorporates the chemical bonding of two glass plies with interlayers of high-strength thermoplastic. When laminated security glass breaks, it stays put, protecting the home and its belongings.

Laminated security glass can delay an intruder’s forceful entry, which deters them, but it isn’t a perfect method to protect the back door.

A Combo Of A Security Gate And A Screen Door

An outside steel gate and a stainless steel screen protect some of the most secure back doors. It’s as if there were three entrances but only one door.

Security gates make it hard to break the door handle, and the stainless steel door should guard the entrance from force using weapons like axes, machetes, and saws.

Improved Safety And Durability With New Doors

Homeowners who are very concerned about the safety of their possessions may want to consider investing in heavy-duty security doors.

Hardwood may lack the durability and security of more modern materials like fiberglass and steel, despite its posh appearance. You may still get heavy-duty doors made to order that look sleek and contemporary. 

Because of its superior durability, a steel security door is the best option. It’s also less expensive than fiberglass, which is great news unless the door in question is an ugly bank vault.  

Security Camera With Alarm For Back Door

A portable security camera lets people feel safe at home from anywhere. Things to keep an eye out for are sirens, two-way talk, and motion recognition. To see the back door, put the device in the backyard or look through a window on the second floor.

If you turn on motion detection, phones that are connected will be notified when movement is noticed. After that, users can call the cops and sound sirens to scare the intruder away.

A home with security cams is less likely to be broken into, but not completely (no security measure is perfect), but at least half as many crimes happen with them, so they’re definitely worth the money.

Even better, they help gather important proof in the event of an attempted break-in, which makes it easier to file charges and get justice.