5 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Buy Facebook Followers


Are you struggling to increase the number of Facebook followers to promote your online company? Don’t worry, and you’re not the only one.

Since 90 million small-scale firms currently utilize Facebook, it’s only natural to consider being ahead of the curve by expanding the size of your Facebook page. It’s great for creating social proof in the end.

But is increasing the number of followers on your Facebook page through buying false followers the solution?

In this article, you’ll be able to learn about the five reasons why buying Facebook followers could harm your business. In addition, we’ll teach you how you can create an engaging connection with your customers through the growth of your Facebook profile organically click here.

Let’s first discuss what we refer to as “buying Facebook followers,” will we?

What Does “Buying Facebook Followers” Mean?

When we refer to “buying Facebook followers,” we’re not talking about paying users to follow and like you on your page. This is a more ethical marketing strategy:

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Make an actual payment to an outside company to provide followers or likes on Facebook on your page to ensure that your company appears more reliable and widespread than it is.

At first, buying Facebook followers may seem an excellent idea to make a positive impression on your potential customers. However, it’s not a good business practice to use in the case of the ability to sustain your business.

Once you’ve figured out the meaning behind buying followers on Facebook, we can move on to the five main reasons why it’s not a good idea to buy followers on Facebook.

You’re Pouring Your Ad Budget Down the Drain

Suppose you purchase Facebook followers for your business page. In that case, it’s a waste of money since those “people” who like your company page are usually bots and spam accounts, as well as false users who are on Facebook.

Imagine sitting in the room talking about your business, even if nobody is there to hear your thoughts. This is the same as posting on Facebook but not reaching out to anyone.

What is the distinction between advertising on Facebook and purchasing Facebook likes?

If you’re advertising on Facebook, reaching the people you want to target costs money.

If you buy followers for Facebook instantly, it is a waste of money, and you will not reach your clients in any way.

The lesson is that you should be investing money in actions that provide the best return on investment for your business to boost the level of engagement. Spending money on fake accounts isn’t among them.

You can’t build a lasting relationship with fake accounts.

AdEspresso has even tried this by creating three Facebook pages. On the first page, they promoted their page on Facebook. They then bought counterfeit Facebook likes for the 3rd and 2nd pages.

The result? Compared to purchasing followers for $0.01 for each like, Facebook advertisements seemed to be more “expensive” at $0.08 per like.

However, is buying followers on Facebook “cheap” if they don’t actively engage with your company’s posts on Facebook?

In comparison to the first Facebook page, which was boosted by Facebook advertising that was awash with comments, the purchase of followers led to zero remarks for the second Facebook page.

You Look Like You’re Trying to Trick Your Customers

The average engagement rate for a page post on Facebook is 0.09 percent. If so, a page on Facebook with 1 million followers will receive a minimum of 90,000 views, indeed?

If you purchase fake followers immediately on Facebook, You’re sending an untrue message to your clients. It ruins the credibility of your brand and looks desperate. As if you’d do everything to be successful read more.

Consider this: Do you prefer doing business with a brand eager to win as the customer? Will they even cheat to get the top prize?

It’s not necessary to go far for the solution to this.

If your customers can see the gap between the number of your followers on Facebook and the number of posts you’ve posted and engagement, they’ll consider: “They’ve already lied about their followers. If I am their customer What’s keeping them from lying even more to me?”

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