5 Ways to  Decorate Your Car Creatively

Ways to  Decorate Your Car Creatively

Having a vehicle is already quite great if you’re fortunate enough. It transports you from point A to point B in a pleasant way, allowing you to blast the air conditioning, blow fresh air through your hair, and listen to your favorite songs. As long as you don’t have to drive over water, your automobile can take you almost everywhere as long as you have enough petrol.

Taking advantage of chances to make the commonplace wonderful is part of living a colorful and creative life. Having a vehicle isn’t dull in and of itself, but your regular automobile could be. There’s no reason you can’t go fancy and spice things up! I’m going to teach you how to do it today.

  1. Hanging door pockets 

It may be used to arrange your possessions. These organizers feature many compartments and are designed to be hung on the inside of your vehicle door. Use the door pockets to store everything in one place, keeping your vehicle nice and preventing you from losing anything.

Use it to store your phone, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, chapstick, gum, or anything else you use often.

2. Install seat organizers for additional storage space 

This is particularly crucial if you’re traveling with kids. Store books, coloring materials, Kleenex, and snacks in the seat organizer. Some even include a space for a portable DVD screen or tablet to allow backseat passengers to enjoy a movie.

To keep your children interested, select a simple color or pattern that complements your taste, or choose one with a kid’s theme or in the form of a cartoon figure.

3. Window Stickers and Paint

Another simple method to show off your holiday spirit is to make festive graphics using window decals and automobile paint. There are several possibilities for Christmas-themed automobile stickers available online, including…

Elf Legs or an Automobile Magnet for the car decorator with a sense of humor. Magnetized Christmas lights to lend a reflecting festive flair. And a santa for your rearview reflector to wave to living souls driving by.

Car paint may also be used to make patterns like snowflakes, Christmas trees, and decorations. Alternatively, you may greet your fellow commuters with a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays by writing it on your vehicle. The beautiful thing about automobile paint is that you can be as creative as you want with it and make it uniquely yours. It simply washes off when you’re finished, making cleanup a breeze.

Before putting decals and car paint on your vehicle, be sure to read the directions on the box to avoid damaging your vehicle. Also, be sure that no automotive paint, decals, or magnets are impeding your vision while driving.

4. Wreaths & adornments

If you want to decorate your vehicle for the holidays in a more conventional way, you may add a wreath to the front grille or garland to the roof railing. Using zip ties to connect them is a quick and simple method to remove them at the end of the season.

If you want to make your garland a bit more festive, wrap it with battery-operated twinkle lights. Make use of tape or zip ties to fasten the battery pack to the roof railing.

5. Install LED light strips under the dash to create a festive mood 

Depending on your budget and how much time and energy you have, you may buy battery-powered sticky rope lights, starlight headliner kit, or a more complicated variety that needs some wiring. 

Rope lighting is as a rule pre-fixed and is applied by simply gluing the strip to the required location. Wired lighting may need the removal of dash and glove box components in order to attach the lights with zip ties and connect to fuses.

The light strips are available in a range of colors, with some even changing colors. To manage the illumination, use the provided remote or an app on your smartphone.


Don’t forget that you may always go crazy and transform your automobile into an art car! You can paint on it, stick objects to it, or even make it interactive by turning it into a blackboard automobile that anyone can write and draw on! The only limit is your imagination!