7 Tools to Market Your Consulting Business


The field of consulting is extensive and provides many opportunities, particularly when you’ve spent time building the expertise and skills required by other companies. As an example, I offer marketing consultancy based on years of experience as consultant for a bigger company, and also for businesses looking to enhance their marketing. It is possible to can set up a consulting company in almost any subject and the top areas of consulting are shown below.

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Business Consulting
  • Financial Consulting
  • Information Technology Consulting
  • Management Consulting
  • Sales Consulting
  • Marketing Consulting

When you’re starting a new consultancy business or promoting ancillary items such as training and courses, gaining clients is probably your top goal. Your ability to draw more customers and earn a steady revenue is the key to your business’s success.

There are various ways to advertise your service in the current digital-savvy world, but certain methods are more efficient than others. Below are seven top methods to market your consulting business on the internet.

Starting your own consulting business online

1. You should have a particular niche

The consulting business is broad and for some, those who are interested in offering various services is powerful. They believe that by providing a wide range of services, they’ll be able to attract more customers. However, this strategy tells potential clients that you aren’t focusing on a particular aspect of your business and study that area in depth.

In addition, for a variety of consulting companies it is necessary to invest an enormous amount of time keeping track of developments in your industry. In my case, for instance. I worked with a client who promoted his company as handling everything in the field of marketing which included events as well as PR, guerrilla marketing web design, digital marketing as well as printing etc.

Some of these services are able to be put together, for instance the design of websites and digital marketing however other areas like event planning and public relations require a separate set of abilities.

Do not try to become a master of all trades, concentrate on a specific area and position you as an expert in the specific area. For example, I present my company as a data-driven one that applies strategies to marketing via digital. Thus, I’m in one specific area in which there’s less competition in analytical or marketing in the digital space.

2. Make a site that showcases your capabilities

The creation of an online presence is one of the fastest methods of promoting your consulting company online. Your website must appears professional and offers the best user experience. It allows your customers and potential new customers to get more information about your company and the service offerings. Through displaying your expertise through your website it gives clients confidence that you can get the job done. You also draw new clients who have experience.

You can also market your products and services on the internet. For example, I offer services in the field of content marketing using standard pricing options that permit clients to choose the solution that meets their requirements and budget.

3. Showcase your expertise

Furthermore, having a website can increase your credibility and make it easier for you to connect with people looking for your services on the internet.

Enhance your reputation by prominently showing logos of companies who trust you to provide consulting services for them. This may include companies who hired your firm or that which you worked on behalf of during your work with a different company. Make sure that the companies mentioned agree to serve as an affirmative reference to your abilities since potential clients may seek out to these references.

Also, ask for testimonials and reviews from happy customers to prove to potential clients to prove to prove that you can manage the task. You can also include excerpts of these testimonials in prominent positions on your website, including your home page as well as landing pages.

Your blog is usually the most effective instrument to display your knowledge and expertise. When you post this kind of long-form blog regularly and displaying your knowledge and the principles for consulting.

Blogs also draw new customers by increasing the SEO (search engine optimization) which means that your business will show in near at the top of search results whenever users search for the keywords that relate to your consulting company.

4. Establish an effective presence on social media

According to an upcoming study according to a recent study, seven out of 10 Americans make use of the social network to post information, and interact with other users. You can profit from this and make use of this platform to promote your brand.

Social media offers various ways to market your business, based on the demographics of your market and their needs. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are extremely effective alternatives that you can utilize to reach out to a lot of individuals, check out the infographic below.

The most important aspect of a successful plan for social media in your business consulting is choosing the appropriate platforms that will meet your needs and posting relevant content regularly engaging between your customers by posting content that is interactive, and evaluating your performance.

5. Lead nurturing

The majority of consulting firms have lengthy processes before potential customers decide to hire your company. It is therefore essential to use lead nurturing that is reaching out to potential clients regularly. In most cases, emails marketing is the primary tool used to keep leads.

In the beginning, you need to build your subscriber list. Typically, you will do this with a lead magnet or other appealing offer to entice potential customers to join. Join clients on the subscriber list in addition, as they could come back to you in the future.

Segmenting your list will result in an increase in conversion rates rather than sending the exact same email to all who is on your list. Personalizing your messages involves using an extensive personalization process, not only including the name of a subscriber in the message.

It is possible to can as well make it possible to send out individual messages like birthday greetings with tools like Salesforce to track the details. Another element of personalization is understanding the exact location that each subscriber is on the path to making a decision and then sending messages to them that are appropriate to the stage in the process. Also, be aware of what kind of service subscribers find interesting.

6. Try paid ads

The majority of marketing strategies, such as the use of email marketing, on-site and online networking are efficient ways to advertise your company. However, these strategies need time before you will see much in terms of results. Particularly for social media as many platforms make it difficult to connect with your followers via algorithms.

Paid online advertisement is an efficient and quick way to create awareness among your market segment, reminding them of your offerings and sharing your expertise and highlighting the latest testimonials.

Search advertising makes use of the query’s words to provide advertisements that meet the requirements of the user. Naturally, this advertising costs a fee that varies depending on the keywords you select.

In addition, search engines utilize an overall quality score and an advertiser’s price to decide which advertisements appear in the top results page, and those that appear on subsequent pages, as only a tiny number of advertisements are displayed at the top of page. Like SEO the users are most likely to click advertisements that are displayed on first top in the initial page.

Social media marketing is based upon your capacity to select the most appropriate users to be the ideal audience for your ad to target, and then match your advertisement content to the target audience in order to get them to take act.

Retargeting is the practice of showing advertisements in search results or on social networks to people who have made a previous visit to your site. This is especially effective when compared to other types of online advertising.

7. Monitoring and enhancing

One of the greatest benefits that online advertising offers in the consulting company you run is the vast amount of data available to help you make better your decisions. Utilizing KPIs (key performance indicators) such as CTR (click-through rate) You can learn from the results of your current campaigns and aid in the creation of new campaigns in order to maximize the results.


Internet is an essential instrument for every company. These guidelines are an effective way to advertise your consulting company. If any of these seem too overwhelming it is possible to can begin by taking it one step at a moment and look at the options which are more manageable for you.