A Beginner’s Guide to Cigars

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There are many reasons people turn to cigar smoking. It could be to replace cigarettes as a personal preference, or it could be alongside smoking cigarettes as an added experience. Or, a lot of cigar smokers choose to only have cigars on a special occasion to make more of an experience of it and enjoy it even further.

In choosing cigars, whether as a regular experience or something you’d like to do occasionally, it’s important to know the basics of where to start, what the best cigars might be, and how to smoke them properly. As cigar smoking can be expensive, and disappointing if you make a mistake (such as cutting your cigar incorrectly), it’s important to know all the facts before you begin to ensure a well-rounded and pleasurable experience, every time.

Why Choose to Smoke Cigars?

You may have always wondered about cigars, what the appeal of them is, or been curious about what makes them so special.

In choosing to smoke cigars, people may consider the following:

  • Cigar smoking can be synonymous with success, if you limit cigar-smoking to special occasions only. This can mean a more positive and rewarding experience when you actually smoke a cigar, knowing you have achieved something, or that it is for a special reason. This can help to make a more enjoyable occasion of it all round.
  • It’s appealing for collectors. You can display and collect different varieties of cigars in a way that you can’t do with cigarettes. Having a smoking room and having collections of cigars on display or kept safe for when you choose to smoke them can be an enjoyable pastime for those interested in it.
  • Cigars are very appealing in taste. Cigars can offer very distinct and rich tastes that can be more appealing compared to other options, like cigarettes or vaping.
  • Cigar smoking can be an experience in itself. The ritual of lighting and smoking a cigar can be the perfect experience or moment of relaxation for a lot of people. You can also choose to enjoy your cigars within a dedicated environment, like a cigar lounge.

A Guide to Cigars for Beginners

Wondering where to get started with cigars, and how to get it right? This guide is here to help you.

Choosing Your First Cigar

This may be the most overwhelming part. Where to start, and where to buy from? Cigars come in many different sizes and brands, after all.

A good place to start in choosing your first is to go with a small one. Bigger cigars mean more pressure to smoke the whole thing, and may appear daunting.

Also start with a milder flavor, as stronger flavors may take getting used to, and are more suited for seasoned cigar-smokers.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a cheap brand cigar for your first smoke, as this is just to get you introduced to the experience, and you don’t want to waste money on the wrong one.

You can find the latest advice and information on cigars from companies like Cigar Cutter Expert.

Knowing the Right Size Options

As you go along and want to try choosing different sizes, you will be faced with different names and references.

Vitola is the name of the ring size, length and shape of any cigar. Cigars are measured in inches.

Each standard size will have its own name, which can be any of the following:

  • Corona
  • Double Corona
  • Petit Corona
  • Churchill
  • Robusto
  • Lonsdale
  • Perfecto
  • Pyramid

How to Smoke

In order to successfully smoke your first cigar (and, indeed, any cigar then after) you will need a quality cigar cutter. You will need the cutter to be sharp to perform a clean cut. With the cutter, you will trim the cap to enable you to draw through the cigar and smoke it.

You should aim for around 2mm-3mm of the cap to be cut. Any more, or any less, can compromise your ability for a clean draw, or damage the cigar itself.

Alongside a cutter, you will also need a good lighter. This should be upgraded from a standard lighter used for cigarettes, as a cigar can take a little more to get it burning. You can find matches or lighters which are for cigar smoking specifically, and in general, long matches are ideal, as you will need more time to get the cigar well lit.

Where to Smoke

As mentioned, smoking a cigar is an experience. Even if you choose the right cigar, and cut and light it correctly, the experience can still be ruined if you’re trying your first cigar in the wrong place.

It’s a good idea to try your first cigar alone, so that you don’t feel any pressure to get it right around others. Public spaces or in the company of others may make you feel self-conscious regarding your first try, so alone at home when you have dedicated time is a good idea.

Through following the points discussed in this guide, your first cigar experience is sure to be a good one.