A Progressive International School Curriculum in Bangkok

A Progressive International School Curriculum in Bangkok

A Progressive Bangkok International School Curriculum

Parents are becoming more concerned about the uncertain future for their children. With so much disruption in the workplace and advances in technology making so many traditional jobs and careers obsolete, they are right to be so concerned. 

They are looking for the schools that will best prepare their child to handle such an uncertain future. And in Bangkok, that means that more and more parents are turning to a progressive international school curriculum that focuses on personalized, project-based learning.

Students in Control of Their Own Learning

One of the basic tenets of this new type of learning is empowering the students, paying attention to their interests, and making their interests a facet of their education. This involves the student in their own education. 

By stimulating their curiosity on a daily basis, they realize the areas in their skills that still need development. And making their interests part of the curriculum provides them with extra incentive to work on developing the skills they lack to find the answers to their questions.  

Power of Collaboration

Project-based learning also relies on students collaborating with their peers to fulfill the requirements of a project. 

You may have noticed that workplace dynamics are slowly changing for the better, and people are being valued for their contribution toward a common goal. Offices are becoming less of a perk, and managers are spending more time interacting with their employees to solve company problems. There is less of a hierarchal system. 

Businesses around the world realize that collaboration solves problems faster and more completely. By bringing this sort of collaborative structure and approach to problem-solving into the classroom and designing a curriculum around it, you prepare students for the environment they are likely to find when they enter the professional world. 

Value of Self-discipline in a Disrupted World

No one knows what the workplace of the future will look like. As ideas and technology continue to advance, the world changes and adapts to the advancements. But one quality that stays constant is the power that a multi-faceted education can play in making the most of a disrupted world. 

Having the intelligence and self-discipline to use the educational tools students have learned is the best way for them to deal with an uncertain future. 

A personalized project-based learning curriculum has been shown to provide students with this self-discipline and self-motivation. And this is why so many parents are flocking to enroll their children in schools teaching this sort of curriculum. 

Colleges and universities are also reporting that students who have graduated from a primary and secondary project-based learning curriculum are better prepared to handle the pressures of higher education. 

And with the progressive business world fully embracing the benefits of being able to work well within a collaborative environment, an international school that features a personalized, project-based learning curriculum may be the best preparation for your child’s future. 

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