A Quick Guide on How the Scrum Master Eligibility Works

the Scrum Master Eligibility Works

Gaining the Scrum Master certificate today is one of the essential things to grab the best-designated jobs. Hence, you need to attend the Certified Scrum Master training to learn about the methodologies of Scrum adequately. 

The individual having a Scrum Master certificate has better demand and ability in an effective manner. This article explains the eligibility and other things of the Scrum Master certificate that guide you to gain this certificate easily. 

But before proceeding to eligibility criteria, let us make you familiar with the Scrum Master. 

What is a Scrum Master?

Scrum Master is an individual who has trained and achieved Certified Scrum Master certification. The individual also ensures that he/she has an excellent command of the Scrum theory and other Agile practices. 

Moreover, the Scrum Master plays an essential part in decision-making, team leading and guiding the team at every step. Apart from that, they also help simplify the product-making process and other complex projects that cannot be handled by any other teammate with an ordinary degree. 

Besides that, the Scrum Master acts as the advisor and facilitator for the Scrum team. They always look towards team development. 

Roles of a Certified Scrum Master 

The role of a Certified Scrum Master is quite challenging. They are primarily responsible for the team’s functioning and monitoring of the processes for Scrum. The individual with a Scrum Master certificate is acknowledged to drive their team and has the art of facilitation. Other prime responsibilities of the Scrum Master are as follows: 

  • Acts as a supervisor of the Scrum team 
  • Scrum Masters keep the team protected from disruption and other external requests. 
  • They will assist with the significant Scrum events. 
  • Build transparency and trust between the Scrum team 
  • They take the necessary steps to lead the team and maximize the productivity 
  • Promote daily stand-up as needed 
  • They will act as the main communicator between the Scrum team to work effectively. 

The popularity of the Scrum Master has increased tremendously within a few years and hence everyone is looking for the Certified Scrum Master training to get the highest paying jobs. 

Eligibility to Become a Certified Scrum Master 

Although there is no prior eligibility for gaining the Certified Scrum Master, you must meet the following requirements if you wish to gain the certificate. 

  • The individual must have completed a bachelor’s degree. Other than this, the individual must have basic knowledge of Scrum and its practices. 
  • Must have specialized training and skills that help the individual to grasp the concept of Scrum easier.
  • Must have excellent communication skills to build a healthy relationship with the co-trainer and the certified Scrum Master trainer. 

The Certified Scrum Master courses offered by the Scrum institutes to gain the certificate help achieve professional skills and other things impressively.

How an Individual Can Apply for the Certified Scrum Master Certificate? 

The Scrum Alliance and other institutes offer a Certified Scrum Master Certificate. But to achieve the certificate, one needs to follow these steps given below. 

  • First of all, the individual needs to take two days of CSM training from a reputable Scrum institute.
  • After completing the training, click on the given link provided by the Scrum Alliance to take the exam. Fill in the credentials and proceed with the online exam. 
  • After that, proceed for the online test. The exam will consist of 50 questions in MCQ format. The individual requires 37 right answers to pass the exam. Once you pass the exam, you need to proceed with the sign-off process for the license agreement. 
  • Once you fill in all the details, you will be eligible to have the CSM certificate along with the two-year membership. 


The Certified Scrum Master program helps gain expertise in the field of Scrum. But to achieve the certificate, one needs to meet the above-mentioned eligibility criteria and clear the exam. Even if you fail on the first attempt, you still can have the second attempt to pass the exam and gain the certificate.