Top 5 Advantages of Aluminium Doors for Office

Top 5 Advantages of Aluminium Doors for Office

A door is the first impression of your home or office to visitors. Aluminium doors and windows are gaining popularity as an excellent alternative for homes and office spaces alike. Office aluminium doors and frames are used with fibreglass for added security and aesthetic look. One of the reasons they are popular is the types of doors available in the market. There are many models like aluminium sliding doors, pivot doors, hinged doors and stack-away doors. These doors are now the most viable choice for many architects, contractors and property owners. They are popular for a plethora of benefits and advantages. Here are the five benefits of choosing aluminium doors for offices:


At the end of their life, it is easy to recycle office aluminium doors. Aluminium is a metal, which can be recycled with ease compared to any other metal. The energy consumed during recycling is less than 5 per cent of the energy used to manufacture it. As this metal is very malleable, the initial energy required is also quite less. Either way, it is environmentally friendly. Aluminium is a non-toxic metal that can be recycled 100 per cent. According to experts, recycling one tonne of this metal can potentially save more than eight tonnes of carbon dioxide. These reasons make aluminium and the right choice for environmentally responsible individuals for their office spaces or living spaces.


Aluminium is a very durable material, which makes it a perfect material for door and window frames. It can also get many kinds of surface treatments with a wide range of alloys, which increases the fixture’s life. Aluminium is also corrosion-resistant and doesn’t rust at all. This makes it the right choice for different weather settings. It can withstand rain and sunlight without losing its colour. It is also a stable metal with high elastic properties. Even if there are significant weather changes, it will not expand or contract. It can retain all its features for its life. It guarantees the return on investment on your property if you want to resell your office space. 

Wide Range of Finishes and Design Flexibility

You can find aluminium doors in a wide range of finishes for your office, which makes it possible for you to match it with any kind of decor. Since they come with powder coating, they don’t need repainting. The powder coating is available in an extensive colour range, which helps you create the look as per your desires.  It is also available in unique metallic, timber and pearl finishes.  When you choose aluminium for doors, you are assured of endless design options. The flexibility and strength of the metal ensure manufacturing any door as per customised specifications. There are several customisation options with glasses and finishes.

Aesthetic Appeal

With aluminium doors, you don’t have to worry about design options or aesthetic appeal. As it is an extremely malleable and durable material, you can find doors in many designs, shapes and sizes. You can also customize the doors in many colours. This kind of limitless customization is not available in any door or window fixture. With many colours and fibreglass giving it a transparent look, they look alive and breathing. Many have misconceptions that they are not suitable for all kinds of interior décor. Nothing could be further from the truth. Aluminium doors seamlessly integrate into any décor. With powder-coating technology, the necessity to repaint these doors has become negligible.


For a door that offers so many benefits, you might be surprised to know that they require minimal maintenance. Some even go as far as to say that aluminium doors are practically maintenance-free. Although it might be a slight exaggeration, these doors don’t require your attention every week. All they need is a routine wipe with a wet cloth with a cleaning agent and dry cloth to remove droplet marks. After this, the doors will be as good as new. Aluminium doors are minimalist in nature. They don’t have fancy curves or carvings, which makes it easier to clean and dust them. 

Along with the five significant benefits, there are many other advantages of aluminium doors like strength, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. They also provide additional security with sturdy fibreglass and robust frame. Aluminium doors are great additions to your office space to transform the décor completely.

Aluminum door and window frames are readily available in India. Many are trying to switch to these types of doors as they are greener and more sustainable option compared to wooden or other doors. 

Many dealers in India specialize in making doors like aluminium sliding doors and hinged doors. Before choosing a dealer, it is essential to read reviews about them online or get word-of-mouth reference. Doors and windows are long-term, which can’t be changed yearly. So, choosing a dealer with a good reputation and service quality is recommended.