Basic Introduction of Laptop – What to Know


The speed of upgrading electronic equipment is fast. Basically, every six months to one year, various brand producers will launch new laptop products. All kinds of commodities in the market are mixed up with good and evil people. Coupled with all kinds of marketing methods and speech skills, it is easy for consumers to be unable to distinguish the differences of commodities and how to choose the right laptop.

In fact, there are just some functions of core component that you need to know. As long as we  grasp and understand them, we can make a good choice when buying.

CPU. It is like the brain of the computer. CPU helps computers deal with all kinds of information. It will directly affect the running speed of laptops. The mainstream CPU brands are Intel and AMD. Intel’s processors contains i5, i7 and i9 processors. In essence, there is not much difference, but the core is shielded to achieve different performance. AMD is named in the same way as Intel, starting from 2000. Pay attention! The CPU with a better performance may not be the real better one. Because we do not need high performance in daily use. It will only cause waste of resources.

GPU.You can call it graphics card in daily life. It is used to process the calculation and processing of graphics information. Graphics cards are mainly divided into core graphics cards and discrete graphics cards. In short, discrete graphics cards can support higher performance than core graphics cards and have higher adaptability to 3D games and 3D videos.

Hard disk and running memory. Hard disk can determine the reading ,writing and start-up speed of a laptop. There are two categories of mechanical hard disks and solid-state hard disks in the current market. The reading and writing speed of solid-state hard disks is faster than that of solid-state hard disks, but the price will be higher. Many laptops in the market combine solid-state hard disks with mechanical hard disks. That can not only solve the problem of reading and writing speed, but also reduce costs. Running memory, similar to hard disk, depends mainly on its size and speed. This does not require much additional knowledge.

Display. This is a feature that is often ignored by consumers when purchasing. The screen materials of the display mainly include IPS screen and TN screen. They have their own advantages. IPS screen has better display effect, larger visual angle, shorter response time of TN screen and no dragging. In addition, there is color gamut information worth noting. It is mainly divided into 100% sRGB, 72% NTSC and 45% NTSC. Generally speaking, the screen quality of some medium and high-end laptops is not too poor. For example, HUAWEI HONOR MagicBook Pro is equipped with a 100% sRGB screen, which has more comfortable visual effects. If we can understand and master these knowledge about laptops and then choose and buy products, we will get twice the result with half the effort.