CA foundation Pendrive classes

CA foundation pendrive classes

A renowned profession of every Commerce Student in CA (Chartered Accountant). A complete Journey of a Chartered Accountant is 4.5 years long. 

Becoming a certified Chartered Accountants requires completing three training levels designed by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). 

The ICAI is a statutory body that regulates and maintains the profession of Chartered Accountancy in India.

A candidate can pursue either through the Foundation course route or Direct entry route. The Foundation course route is the entry point of 12th passed students, while the direct entry route is for those who have completed graduation.

Although the duration of the chartered accountancy course is around 4.5 years, it can take more time than that if the candidate takes more than one attempt to clear the exams. 

CA Foundation is the Starting point of the CA journey, and it is considered very tough to crack. The CA foundation consists of theoretical components as well as practical training requirements. 

Students who want to pursue a CA foundation require regular coaching and guidance.

Good coaching matters a lot in the CA foundation. There are so many CA coaching classes in India, which offer both the mode of types Face to Face & ONLINE.

 But, gradually, the tradition of offline classes is going to decay. Most probably for all CA level courses, online courses, and Pendrive classes are available, and it has become a custom of online classes and Pendrive classes.

Why does CA Foundation course have pen drive classes?

In this Digital period where everything is available easily on the internet, pen drive classes have become a prevalent education mode among youth. Students find online education is more convenient than the traditional model. As far as pen drive classes for CA foundation is concerned, now almost every institution is offering.

CA foundation pen drive classes, and now it becomes easy to connect every student whether of ruler area or urban area.CA foundation pen drive classes have proved a great advantage for students and what are the benefits? Here are

Time Flexibility :

The first benefit of pen drive classes is that it provides students’ flexibility to students by which students can study according to their convenience. If you are a working student or are doing your article ship, you can manage your study time, which is quite challenging to operate in face-to-face class mode.

Save time & cost:

In pen drive classes, you can take classes at your place. You do not need to travel anywhere. You can take classes where you want and where you are comfortable. In face-to-face classes, you have to go there. It consumes lots of time and money.

No more class clashing :

Class clashing is a significant issue in a face-to-face class, but there is very little chance of clashing in pen drive classes. The online class has resolved the clash problem in a simple manner.

Get a chance to rewind classes :

A significant advantage of pen drive classes is that you can rewind class whenever and wherever you want. In case of any doubt and confusion, you can rewind lectures and watch that topic again. But in the face to face classes, it’s not possible because in most cases, either you feel shy or you do not want to discuss in front of anyone.

Facility to watch lectures multiple times :

You can easily watch the lectures multiple times in pen drive class mode. This facility is in pen drive classes, which are not present in face-to-face mode. Pen drive classes work on a recorded format, which can be viewed multiple times; it means you can watch lectures as many times as you want.

No more missed classes:

It is one of the significant advantages of Pen drive classes. In Pendrive classes, there is no foundation to take classes at a particular time. You can watch the lectures whenever you want. So no more worry about missed classes now. It proves that CA foundation classes are very beneficial for students.

So many CA Coaching Institutes offer Pendrive classes, but here we will talk about The Best coaching for CA Foundation -VSI Pendrive classes. 

VSI Jaipur Offers Special CA foundation Pendrive classes

Due to COVID-19, many offline, face-to-face classes have changed their mode to Pendrive, and online classes So did the VSI Jaipur. The best CA coaching in Jaipur is best known for CA Foundation pen drive classes, Pen drive classes held regularly for students who have registered for Digital Lectures. Even before the global Pandemic, VSI Jaipur took regular digital classes for all the Chartered Accountant course levels, especially for students who live in remote areas and can’t visit the coaching centers daily. CA Pendrive is a very comfortable class to be held at your home, or anywhere you are. Now CA students are just a click away from taking regular classes at a safe house.

For Online / Pendrive classes, contact VSI, Jaipur on +91 9358900493

VSI not only offers Pendrive classes but also provides to their student’s Online classes, Mock Test papers, Revision Test papers, MCQs papers.


VSI Jaipur is the best CA Foundation Institute in India, which creates history every year. CA VSI Pendrive Classes have covered past attempt questions, questions from Practice Manual, questions from study material, etc. This means that you don’t need to go through the institute material on your own. And The students will get connected to the WhatsApp group of the faculties where they can ask their doubts. All the strategies of VSI converted into The Best CA Coaching in India for CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Final.

You can also check vidya setu online classes portal to enroll for the 12th and 11th digital classes