Cosmos Art Ceramics Launches Creative Collection of Smoking Pipes Made with 100% Eco-friendly Material

Cosmos Art Ceramics Launches Creative Collection of Smoking Pipes Made with 100% Eco-friendly Material

Cosmos Art Ceramics, a handmade pipe line that is bringing creativity and novelty to the traditional pipe product, this week announced their 100% eco-friendly, naturally made pipes are officially available for purchase.

Made carefully from ceramic material that lend themselves to a cool smoke, superior to glass or wooden pipes, Cosmos Art Ceramics takes pride in creating novelty items that any person can purchase as a gift to surprise a friend, loved one, or family member. 

“We are proudly refashioning the typical pipe, offering hand-made ceramic options that allow each user to use their pipe as a statement of personal expression, representing objects, places, patterns, and colors that appeal to a wide array of customers,” said Dmytri, Founder and Owner of Cosmos Art Ceramics. “We are offering up customization, personalization, and sustainability in the world of smoking immersion, where we believe that for far too long, stoners have had to settle for general market products.”

As a ceramicist with over ten years of experience, it was not until moving to LA in 2020 that Cosmos Art Ceramics owner and artist Dmytri began making pipes within his line of clay products. “It started with my friends asking me to create something unique for them, something they could use as an accessory that was also practical” says Dmytri. 

Today, with over twenty designs that span from cat paws to unicorns, Cosmos has sold over 8,000 products, yielding thousands of positive reviews from smokers who relish in the quirky, eccentric ceramic pieces offered on their website. 

“We design each item with a specific story, passion, or adventure in mind, allowing our customers to choose an item that connects with their life, whether it be representative of travel, a pet, or a favorite set of patterns.”

Handmade and highly durable, “Not only do we distinguish ourselves through the appearance of our products, but from personal experience and customer feedback, we have found that ceramic pipes actually smoke better than their glass or wooden counterparts, plus they are easy to clean and therefore long-lasting,” Dmytri says. 

Made from natural materials, users avoid ingesting chemicals, while also having a conversation-starter in their pocket. 

“Our customers always tell us the friendships they have started over a conversation about their pipe one of our original, returning customers always remarks about how she met her now best friend at a party while smoking with our Moai pipe. The Easter Island replica was the catalyst for their conversation, and they bonded about their shared experience traveling through South America.”

With an inventory of handmade goods, Cosmos Art Ceramics’ creations are part of the e-commerce trend that has emerged over the past few years, while offering a product that is unique in its field

Customers can be confident in the quality of materials and the longevity of the goods, as the artists behind the products use their years of experience working with ceramics to develop this offbeat and captivating line of products, all based in California.To learn more about Cosmos Art Ceramics, visit their website at