How to create attractive and practical candle packaging designs


Glorious, appealing, and stylish is what we can say about candle boxes. They are perfectly suitable for the persona of candles. These packages are safe due to the cardboard, corrugated, and cardboard stocks used to manufacture them. Businesses can manufacture them in various styles and shapes depending upon their requirements. Foldable and removable lid styles are common. Brands can add a die-cut window on them as well. You will also see holders and trays in many of these packages. They have pleasing graphics due to the modern printing technologies businesses use to print them. Premium finishing techniques are generally used for these packages. 

Candle boxes have become an essential need of companies to attract their customers. These packages are also associated with the presentation of delicate products. For this purpose, designing them perfectly well is necessary. Various practical and attractive designs are available to choose from. Here are some tricks to create the best-looking designs for these packages.   

Choose a round shape box

Round shape printed candle boxes are the most suitable ones for delicate items. If your candle has a round or cylindrical shape, this packaging design is the best. You can choose from different materials such as cardboard and Kraft paper to design these packages. This packaging shape can help present the persona of the product pretty attractively.  

Use an appealing theme

An appealing theme is essential to give cardboard candle boxes an attractive lookYou can choose from various color combinations already available in the market. However, designing a unique combination is beneficial for your products. Associating colors of boxes is beneficial to present its delicate persona to customers. Color gradients or sharp patterns look fascinating for this purpose.  

Select shoulder packaging style

Shoulder packaging is the best style to choose for your custom candle boxes. This packaging style has a sleek line between its base and removable lid. That gives this box an elegant look that cannot be matched with the others in the market. You can get this style by purchasing wholesale candle boxes. Customizing the colors of this packaging style is also possible. Choosing contrast colors for the inner tray and lid is beneficial.  

Sleeve package design is beneficial

Nothing can beat the significance of sleeve packaging style for candles. These custom cardboard boxes are the best when it comes to making a significant impact on the consumers. Various types of customizations are available for this packaging style. You can customize the sleeve and inner box separately.  

Match typography with design

The typography style of custom packaging is customizable in numerous ways. You can use different types of typography styles that can make a significant impact on consumers. Choosing an artistic typography style for a delicate candle is beneficial. Professional fonts are not beneficial in this matter.  

Choose an alluring finishing technique

Various finishing techniques are available for custom boxesYou can choose one or a combination of different finishing techniques to make them look fascinating. Embossing or debossing along with spot UV coating can highlight specific parts. You can also choose from matte, glossy, or soft-touch lamination.  

Different types of candle boxes are available in the market. Not every one of them has an attractive design that suits the persona of delicate candles. Their visual appeal depends upon designing them creatively. So, focus on these tips and tricks to create practical and attractive designs for these packages.