DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

DIY Father’s Day
DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Shopping for your dad can be stressful and downright intimidating, especially when you know that he has almost everything that he wants and that practically leaves you with no better gift idea to give to him, especially on Father’s Day. A Father’s Day present should be one that appeals to his sense of humour and adds a bit of sentimental value to the day, a quirky gift but also meaningful and useful. We are sure that you must have given your dad everything, including a pair of shoes, socks, wallets, clothing, and gift cards galore. You have arranged for online gift delivery in Pune and other places, so this Father’s Day, take on some DIY gift ideas if you have a crafty side in you that are easy to make and of extreme utility in your father’s daily life. You will be glad to know that we have done all the hard work for you, and by compiling amazing DIY gifts for your father that you can consider giving him and thanking him on this special day. 

Beer Bouquet:

Is your dad a beer lover? Well, we can say that your dad might not care for a dozen roses, but how about a dozen beers, wrapped beautifully in the form of a bouquet that will surely make his day. Well, all you need is a few packaging materials, and your beer bouquet will be ready within seconds. Take a small wooden box, big enough to contain six beers, place the beers in it, and cover it with beautiful wrapping paper. Decorate it with flowers, confetti and everything you have and leave a small heartfelt note. 

Business Card Holder:

If your father is a businessman, he will definitely be in need of a business card holder every time, and well, you can prepare a cardholder for him with your very own hands. Stitch up vintage postcards to make a slim wallet or business card holder by folding a postcard into the half with the decorative side up and cutting a half-moon from the top front of the postcard. Now open the card flat and cover it with a sheet of clear, lightweight vinyl and stitch it from all around the postcard. Now, refold the postcard in half. Sew the wallet around the edges, leaving the top open.

DIY Tie Rack:

Every dad has a collection of ties, and if your dad has some awesome ties but does not have the proper place to keep them, then you must build him a DIY tie rack that he can use to put his collection on display. You can use a wooden plank to cut out a piece of the rack and attach hooks to it so that the ties can be hung. You can customise this gift by printing his name in beautiful letters on the top or giving him the title of “World’s Best Dad.’

DIY Air Fresheners:

Help your dad keep his car smelling fresh with beautiful tree-shaped DIY air fresheners. Begin with tracing the shape of a wooden Christmas tree ornament on a piece of fabric. Cut the shape and glue it to the front and back. Let the piece dry and then add your dad’s favourite scent of essential oil and use a thread twine through the loop for hanging purposes. 

DIY Wine Bag:

If your dad loves wines, why not give him a beautiful DIY wine bag which will surely make for a classy gift. You can use canvas or any other material and sew the bag into the shape of your preference with a cloth handle. You can also print a beautiful Father’s Day message on the bag or his name, and he will truly adore this thoughtful gesture. 

Well, your dad will surely love these DIY gifts, for not only are they handmade with love but also are the best gifts that turn out to be of great utility to him. So, don’t waste further time and set out to make these gifts to surprise them. 

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