Etiquette protocol: how to dress according to the event


Do you have a wedding, a baptism, a communion or another social event coming up? Is it morning or afternoon? Do you already know how you are going to dress? To attend any type of event, it is important to know the rules of etiquette , as it will help you a little more to know where to go when choosing your clothing. I’ll tell you about it below!  

If you have a protocol of etiquette, it is not noticed nor is it missed. But if it is missing, everyone notices it and it is fatal.

As a general rule, women’s wardrobe is marked by men’s and this should be indicated in the invitation to the event, although this is not always the case. So, if you have any concerns, go ahead and ask the event’s organizers, but I hope that with my assistance, they will be clarified for you.

The dress code is one that is worn at galas or formal events like a wedding. Male men may choose from a variety of options in this scenario:

Tailcoat: it is the maximum dress code for men , characterized by the fact that the jacket , always black, reaches the waist in front and has two separate skirts at the back, which reach the height of the knees. Being a completely gala outfit, it is only dressed under the explicit demand of the act.

At a wedding, if the groom wears a morning coat, the best man and the witnesses are obliged to wear it. If, on the other hand, the groom does not wear a jacket, none of the guests can do so.

Tuxedo: Distinguished by the lapels of his jacket , usually in silk or shiny satin, the sash and the bow tie . Despite the fact that for a gala event it is better to dress in a tailcoat or a morning suit, the rigidity of these acts has been softening. That is why the tuxedo is a very good option, especially in afternoon and evening events. Do not forget to pair it with Men’s Bow Ties.

For women, they have the following options:

Homecoming Dresses

The difference with homecoming dresses is not so much in the length, but in the fabric, which is simpler. As it is a type of dress that is used for daytime events, it is advisable to avoid glare, which is more appropriate for evening and night events. Instead, they can be much more colorful . In parties, it is accepted that women wear hats or headdresses. And, the shoes, in this case, should not be higher than half a heel, they can even be low-heeled.

Women can also attend daytime evening dress with daytime outfits, consisting of two pieces, usually a skirt and a jacket.

The long dress: 

It is the most formal garment of the feminine wardrobe and has a wide variety of possibilities: bare backs, thin straps, discreet necklines. But you should always cover the legs and, even if they are not visible, it is advisable to always wear stockings. The shoes that accompany the dress, always high-heeled and better fine, and the bag always handy. The long dress, in addition to gala occasions, is only worn in evening events.

Cocktail dress : 

The length of these dresses is limited to a few inches below the knee . As it is a type of dress that is used for evening events, it is common for them to have rhinestones or brocades. The shoes can be medium-heeled and, as in long dresses, the handbag is the most ideal to complement it.

Short ball gowns are called cocktail dresses and, let’s make it clear from the beginning, these short dresses can be used at any guest event as long as the elegance and characteristics of the short dress allow them to comply with the requirements.