Everything to Know About KissAnime: Facts & Reality


The famous KissAnime site got created specifically for anime lovers. Users get provided with various Japanese anime series and movies with subtitles and dubbed in English and other languages. Anime fans love to use this site, and all of these videos come mainly from pirated versions.

KissAnime allows its users to stream and download anime series and movies for free and in top quality. This site has many features, including limitless anime series organized in various categories for easy access. Moreover, users can search anime series and movies based on their genre or characters.

How to View all Movies and Series on KissAnime?


Users get many options on the KissAnime site. The videos have gotten categorized into three options; old videos, new releases, and old releases.

Moreover, there are many other filters available on this site to find the type of anime you want based on its genre, release date, popularity, and trending.

If a user does not know which option to choose from to get to the anime they want, you could use the search bar the site has by typing the first letter of the anime you want to watch and see the options come up.

Elements of the KissAnime Website


The KissAnime site has many options in its menu that users can navigate to see anime series or movies they have on this site.


In this section, users will bet the view of the most popular and the best anime series they have on this site. ‘Home’ is the landing page of KissAnime, meaning when you go to this site, this will be the page you will see. The users can view the recently added series from all genres, the popular ones, and the most reviewed ones.

Anime List

This section showcases all anime types the site has, including the series and movies. Users find this section useful when looking for a list of all the series and movies the site has. Moreover, there is a search bar on this section allowing users to search for the anime movie or series, simply by typing its name of the first letter of the name.

New Seasons

The ‘New Season’ section shows users the newly released or recently added anime series on the site. Users can keep themselves updates easily on which new episode or series they recently added to their site and view it.


People more interested in movies than series can go to this section. Users will only get to see the movies the site has. It makes it easy to find a movie or to see the movies the site has. You can choose to stream it or download movies in this section.


Users wanting to know the most popular or trending anime series with the highest view can view this section and see the most “in” anime series.


The ‘schedule’ section shows users the anime series they will add during the various days of the week and what series they added today and yesterday. It gives the users an overview of the series or episodes you can expect to see updated throughout the week on this site.

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