Find Out More About a Clay Bar and How to Use It

Clay Bar
Hand in blue glove coating scratches on car surface with ceramic liquid from glass bottle

After getting your hands on the brand-new car from the showroom, you vow to look after its upkeep. Auto detailing is an extremely important step that you must never miss. It enhances the look of your car and helps to maintain its shine. Using car maintenance supplies like a clay bar can make it easier to keep your car clean. 

New cars, after regular usage, start to lose their shine. Soon, you will start noticing scratches, brake dust, road tar, tree sap, insect residue, etc., on the car’s surface. Therefore, you must start taking care of your vehicle now. So, treating it with a clay bar for car can be beneficial. 

Using detailing car products is an essential step before conducting paint works like applying wax, paint correction, or ceramic coating. Similar to how a clay treatment on your face makes it smooth, a clay bar does the same for cars.

What Is a Clay Bar?

The professional car enthusiast’s toolkit for automobile detailing now always includes a clay bar. Without using any harsh material, you can remove car surface-bound impurities with a clay bar. Airborne pollutants, including brake dust, industrial waste, insect residue, tar, etc., get attached to your car’s surface. These impurities might adhere to the car’s paint and harm it.

Some of the pollutants have the potential to be corrosive, which will produce rust spots and damage the clear coat. When left untreated, dust or paint contaminations can seriously harm your automobile’s paint surface.

By eliminating the impurities from the paint’s surface and leaving the paint silky smooth, a clay bar disinfects automotive paint. It also helps to remove the imperfections from the paint’s surface. 

It can pick up any impurities that stick on the paint when used on a wet paint surface. Simply put, a clay bar can potentially clean the paint of any contaminants and restore its shine.

A clay bar can potentially remove the following:

  • Overspray
  • Rail Dust
  • Surface Impurities
  • Brake Dust
  • Industrial Pollution

The main benefits of utilizing a clay bar on the car are:

  • Easily removes car surface contaminants
  • Allows sealant or wax to adhere to the car paint
  • Restores a smooth finish
  • Allows you to carry out a polishing phase safely and quickly

You can safely remove the industrial fallout and over-spray from the surface with clay bars by pulling them off. The surface will become incredibly smooth. You can then polish and wax your automobile.

Several variables affect how often you clay a car. It is advisable that you clay twice a year. You may clay immediately following winter and once more in the fall before using a winter sealer. You should clay your car more frequently if you live or work in an area with high industrial pollution.

How to Clay Bar a Car?

  1. Start by washing and drying the car. The Drive’s article on how frequently to wash your automobile may guide you better.
  2. Take out the clay bar and cut it into equal quarters or half.
  3. Using your fingers, shape the clay into a patch that fits between your middle, index, and your pointer finger.
  4. Choose a small area of the car, like a quarter of the hood, and spray it using a detailer.
  5. Gently move the clay back and forth across the wet car until you have covered the whole surface.
  6. Remove any extra detailing spray with a microfiber cloth.
  7. Work the clay in your hands, fold it over, and flatten it once again.
  8. Continue with stages 4–7 until you clay the automobile fully.
  9. Feel the paint with your hand to check for rough patches you might have missed.
  10. Finally, polish and wax the car while coating it with a sealant after claying it for added protection.

Why Are Clay Bars So Effective?

The traditional clay bar is incredibly absorbent and works wonders to get rid of impurities. The surface-layer dirt goes away after washing the vehicle. However, unlike your regular car washing techniques, clay bars can remove things like brake dust, tree sap, and more. You won’t want to return to washing your car with a foam brush and soap after using a clay bar.

How Often Do You Need to Clay Bar A Car?

The simplest way to determine whether your automobile requires a clay bar treatment is to run your hand over the paint. Cover your hands with a plastic glove to feel the rough surface and to protect your hands from cutting. Your automobile requires a clay bar treatment if you feel that the surface is not smooth. 

A smooth surface is a good sign that your automobile hasn’t many embedded contaminants. You should do this treatment every few weeks to determine whether a clay bar treatment is necessary.

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