Guide To Choose The Right Type Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Oxygen Chamber

Gone are those days when you had to book appointments in oxygen therapy centers because it is now possible at home. Some portable and affordable models of HBOT are available in the market for personal use. However, the technology is new so many people are unaware of its technical aspects. Without knowing the specifications and various other factors about the hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers, we cannot invest blindly in any device.  For first-time buyers, we have a useful guide to consider. Please scroll down to know more. 

Different types of hyperbaric chamber

Before you go further, get crucial information about the types of oxygen chambers currently available in the market. You can buy:-

  • Fix the hyperbaric chamber
  • Inflatable hyperbaric chamber
  • Containerized hyperbaric chamber

The fixed models are mostly required in commercial locations. Inflatable and containerized chambers are meant for home use.

Chamber design

Therapy chambers are available in horizontal and vertical designs. If you have limited space at home, a vertically designed chamber would be the best option. However, we recommend a horizontal model if you are looking for a comfortable option. Horizontal models accommodate a person in a sleeping position for the maximum possible relaxation. If you prefer sitting oversleeping, again vertical chambers can work.

Compatibility with oxygen concentrator

Oxygen concentrators and hyperbaric oxygen chambers are two different things. However, some models of chambers also support oxygen concentrator attachment as an additional feature. It increases the concentration of oxygen inside the chamber to promote more health benefits. 

Size and comfort features

Don’t forget to check the dimensions and comfort features of the hyperbaric chamber in detail. Its length and circumference should be enough to accommodate someone with comfort. Figure out a place inside your home for using it safely. 

Factors influencing price

The main factor influencing the price of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber is its type. Right now, inflatable hyperbaric chambers are the most affordable option. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, go with inflatable models. If budget is not an issue, choosing a containerized chamber can be a great decision. Moreover, the comfort features attached to these chambers also play a crucial role in increasing the price. Please check the specifications carefully to know if there is any useless feature increasing the price of your hyperbaric chamber. 


While using a hyperbaric oxygen chamber at home, its maintenance also becomes your responsibility. Make sure that it is easy to clean from inside as well as outside. If multiple people are using it every day, pay attention to the sanitization carefully. 

The suppliers of hyperbaric oxygen chambers for sale will have different models in both inflatable and containerized chambers. Their price differs on the basis of equipped features and brand value. Do some research on the top trending brands and their most reliable as well as affordable models meant for home use. You will save a lot of money wastage at local oxygen therapy centers.