How Long Do You Stay Out Of Your House After Pest Control?

Pest Control

Pests can be a real annoyance and irritation if you ignore them do not act immediately on first sight. They can harm your furniture, infect the food and maybe the root cause of many issues that would always try to stay away from. There are most of the pets who can spread many deadly diseases if they come in contact with any eatables. Power Pest Control, for a comprehensive range of pest removal solutions at affordable prices.


Services offered by pest control professionals mainly involve processes depending upon the types of pests like termite control treatment, bed bug control, cockroach control, etc. But just the pest control service by professionals will not assure you that your home would be completely free of the annoying pests. You need to take care of few things post the treatment so that you would not want to revisit the services.


You are done with the best pest control treatment at home and assured that the home is free of pests. Below are a few factors to be taken care of to ensure a successful service and ensuring a pest-free home.

1. Wait: (staying out of the house)

Pest control services suggest a certain time to stay away from the home once the work is completed. Once the service is completed, they may usually recommend staying out of your house for a time of around 2-4 hours. However, this may vary based on the type of service, and also extend up to a maximum of 24 hours. These lists are by no means exhaustive. You will need to co-ordinate with the pest control service to ensure you are truly prepared and have the best service delivered to you.

2. Throw away any exposed food:

Throw any food into the garbage that was left outside accidentally. Pest services may use organic chemicals for spraying in the process, but still, you would not want to take chance on the health issues.

3. Wait for the recommended time for cleaning:

Most of the recognized pest control service professionals are professional and will not leave any wastage for you to clean. There would not be heavy work left over for you to clean the areas. They will also suggest not to overclean certain corners or any specific areas that may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

The majority of pest control services suggest waiting for around a week before cleaning the home. But there is certainly more time for few mentioned areas so that they remain with the applied sprays for longer for the service to be effective. They are recommended depending upon the type of pests and the areas that may be prone more to residing in pests.

4. Look for any leaks:

Leakages in pipes or taps in your house may prove a good entry for the pests and also prove a good residence for them as they like to stay in moisture. Repair them as soon as possible. 

5. Don’t leave any paper wastes:

Paper can be a good source of diet for many kinds of pests. Ensure to eliminate any kind of paper like old newspapers, wet papers or any brown paper carry bags especially those which are near to the kitchen or bathrooms.

6. Safeguard yourself:

When you come in direct contact of treated surfaces for the first time after the treatment ensure that you wear disposable gloves and do not touch anything with bare hands.

7. Keep verifying for pests:

It is evident that in the days following the treatment, you will see dead pests around the house with more frequency. Ensure to check for these residues and clean them regularly. The remnants of dead pests tend to interest more pests that could pound a big headache upon you.

8. Cleaning particular areas of your home:

Every home has a specific area that requires more attention than the other regions of the house. You must ensure that you mention every detail to the pest control team so that they do not miss treating those specific areas with special care. Regions like wood flooring, shelves, cabinets, cots and other areas that may have an adverse effect or get damaged with the pest sprays. They require a certain protecting solution to be mixed to the pest spray so that the originality of the materials remains intact. The pest control services will know about treating every specific area of the house and use the products that work better for each situation.

9. Supervise your health:

If you come in contact with a chemical used for spraying in the pest control process, then you may develop a few of the symptoms like itchy or burning eyes, constant cough, variations in heart rate, difficulty in breathing. You may rarely have these symptoms but you cannot give a cent percent clearance from them. It is crucial to employ reliable and genuine pest control companies who utilize safe and organic chemical sprays for treatment. They will even take care of the lovable pets in the house so that even they don’t have any adverse effects on their health.