How Safe Are Modular Homes?


Modular homes are setting trends in the current Australian real estate market and turning several heads. With the Australian Prefabricated construction market growing steadily at a CAGR of 7.5% till 2027, more and more people are opting for prefab homes Brisbane.

Moreover, with modular homes having built-in modules, you don’t have to take a lot of effort to set up while moving in.

Although, the modular homes out here in Brisbane are built off-site and aren’t really considered ‘solid construction’ by many people. Is this true? Are modular homes even safe to set up shop in? What about when the weather gets rough?

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The article below answers all these questions. Read on to find out!

Are modular homes out here in Brisbane really safe?

With Brisbane being the third wettest capital of Australia, it is understandable that you are worried about the safety of your modular home.

But fret not! Go through the below-mentioned pointers to better understand the standard of safety employed while constructing prefab homes Brisbane.

1. These homes adhere to strict building requirements

With building codes having evolved in the past few years, so has the construction quality of modular homes. Things are not the same as they were 50-60 years back.

To start with, these homes are not only built to withstand strong winds but heavy rainfall as well. Even if it comes pouring down, the construction materials and quality can bear it all.

Moreover, there are zero traces of asbestos or lead paint in these constructions, further adding to the quality.

2. Modular homes are built using extra reinforced materials

The concept of modular homes is that they are built off-site and delivered to the site via transport. It needs to be made of reinforced solid materials to survive the transit. Otherwise, there is no way that the home reaches the site in one piece.

Moreover, you don’t want cracked drywall in your new home, since it is one of the first construction components that gives away.

To avoid any mishaps, the drywall is generally reinforced with extra backing, allowing it to sturdily hold up the tiles or any other construction materials it is supposed to.

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3. They can withstand harsh weather conditions with ease

Give this a fair thought. Anything that is built in a closed environment will always be more sturdy than something built in an open one. This fact owes credit to the outside construction being faced with natural weather conditions, thereby not employing ideal construction conditions at all times.

On the other hand, a modular home is built in a closed environment and hence is a product of perfect construction conditions. Logically, prefab homes Brisbane will be sturdier in withstanding harsh weather conditions compared to traditional construction homes. Here, another major point goes to the safety offered by modular homes over traditional ones.

4. Modular homes are flood resistant

Again, modular homes owe their durability to the fact that they have to be transported. In order to make it from one place to another, they need to make sure that they don’t absorb any moisture.

Water is one of the leading reasons for damage in Brisbane homes, and hence modular homes use reinforced construction materials. This allows them to be exposed to water for a prolonged period of time and still not absorb water.

Wrapping up

A home made off-site will raise questions regarding its durability and construction quality. But if you plan on investing in prefab homes, then rest assured. These beautiful yet compact homes are a lot stronger than you think!