How to buy a Lederhosen for Your Husband or Partner?


Is the hubby getting a surprise? You can definitely relax; we will maintain your secret safe 🤐 Hey, we see how challenging it can get while looking for a perfect Lederhosen for your partner and holding it under the wraps. 

Ok… we couldn’t want anything more than to see that honest smile of yours when you show him our dazzling Lederhosen. Thinking about how to purchase Lederhosen for your better half? We are here to help. Together, we should make this an experience that could only be described as epic for him. 

All things considered, it’s Him we are talking about – and he deserves the best 😍


Lederhosen are exceptionally old yet practical garments – starting from rural Bavaria. (Whaaat 😲, you didn’t have a clue about that?) It’s cool; we should walk you through some Lederhosen history. Lederhosen goes back hundreds of years – in Bavaria, the Lederhosen were used as a workers outfit.

Why? – The traditional Lederhosen were intended for that use, explicitly. Affording the Bavarian workers a strong article of clothing that scarcely at any point required care or upkeep. You could wear them for an entire day and several days straight – a Lederhosen set could never fail you.

Lederhosen means LEATHER BREECHES; the short length of the breeches permitted an agreeable free movement while the workers went about their day in the fields.

Hold up ✋ – How Did Lederhosen Become So Famous and Why Are Lederhosen Trending?

The Lederhosen renaissance started at the first Oktoberfest – the imperial wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig – where local people of Munich were welcome to celebrate. The occasion went on for days, where kitchens never shut and the beer streamed. That is what the Lederhosen required all along – the solid design of the outfit was seen by the Bavarian aristocrats, who then, at that point, took on Lederhosen as their outdoors wear for hunting, climbing, and other sporting practices.

That turned into the ascent of Lederhosen; from that point forward, the Bavarian costume has stayed as an Oktoberfest top pick for all classes – a long ways from its modest beginnings.


Bundhosen are a somewhat longer form of Lederhosen – that is all people. Yet, this minuscule distinction is significant and will directly influence your decision. Say your better half needs to wear the leather breeches in winter or in an outside setting; for this, we suggest a Bundhosen. Not just the Bundhosen will save him from the climate, however it will likewise offer more cover underneath the knees assuming that is the thing he is going for.

In any case, on the off chance that hubby favors a cool wind on shins and plans to wear the costume in hotter climate, go for a Lederhosen. Additionally, who doesn’t adore flaunting some well-toned calves?

Lederhosen are leather trousers, yet the pants are by all account not the only piece of the Oktoberfest Costume. You got (pants), a shirt, socks, shoes and sometimes also a waistcoat. It depends on you, how dressier you need him to get.

The Trousers

Lederhosen ensemble at our online shop – are tailor made show-stoppers of style. Our Lederhosen are produced using top-quality cowhide, so indeed, they are not cheap. However, the incredible thing about Lederhosen is that the cowhide holds its shape and appearance, in addition to it doesn’t require a lot of upkeep.

Besides, you can purchase unique and flighty shading Lederhosen for your significant other – from the customary brown and tan, to the superb black and the fun loving grey – it relies upon your own inclination.

TIP: Lederhosen are produced using cowhide, so normally, they will expand from the midsection and bum region. It is encouraged to purchase Lederhosen that is cozy. You can definitely relax; as the calfskin extends with your body heat, the piece of clothing will fit impeccably – additionally factor in some space for wiggling around to tuck in your Bavarian shirt.

Kindly consult our Lederhosen sizing chart.


Lederhosen shirts or the Bavarian shirts at are produced using breathable cotton material with traditional Bavarian checkered patterns. Additionally, you can pick a plain white shirt under your Lederhosen to make the excellence of cowhide stick out.

Tip: the most ideal way to pick the shading for his Lederhosen shirt is to coordinate it with your own Dirndl tone.

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In hotter months, pair the Lederhosen men costume with some authentic Lederhosen socks. You can pick between short, long, rolled down, or even Loferl Bavarian Lederhosen Socks. Whatever type you go for, remember, the socks are a fundamental piece of a Lederhosen ensemble.


Finish your better half’s Lederhosen look with some suede leather Lederhosen shoes. The calfskin shoes are a Lederhosen classic. Trust us; you can never turn out badly with a couple of Bavarian leather shoes with a Lederhosen. Simply make sure to coordinate their shading with the whole Lederhosen ensemble, and voila.

We trust that your trachten shopping is made a bit simpler with this article and on the off chance that you won’t be attending Oktoberfest or some other fest this year, plan a couple’s Oktoberfest party at home.

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