How to Clean a Window Air Conditioner without Removing It


A window air conditioner is the best choice for people who live in high buildings or where there is not a good flow of air.

Windows air conditioners are usually mounted in windows they provide the best performance. Windows air conditioner is easier to clean than the other air conditioners. The window air conditioner is very essential for summers to cool your rooms and homes.

But it is very important to maintain the air conditioners. Most people find it quite hard to clean and maintain air conditioners. But there is a question that always arises that how to clean a window air conditioner without removing it is it possible or not?

The answer is yes you can clean the air conditioner without removing it from the window. If you want to maintain your air conditioner then you should clean it regularly. Below are the mentioned steps through which you can clean your Air conditioner.

Unplug the unit from the wall

The first and very important step before starting cleaning the air conditioner is to unplug the wire of the air conditioner from the source to prevent any damage in the future. Because for cleaning you have to touch many different parts of air conditioner and also have to use spray.


It is very important to clean the filters after every 1 to 3 months. After 30 days you must check whether the filters are jammed with dust or not.

Filters are placed behind the grills. First, you have to remove the grill to take out the filters. Many air conditioners come with more than a filter before you buy the air conditioner always read the manual first.

Checking the filter is very important because if the filters are filled with dust, they will not provide good performance.

Some filters are reusable and some are disposable. To clean the filters, take a tub full of water and soak the filter in the tub make sure that each edge of the filters is completely soaked in water after all the dust is removed the filters take the filter out of the tub, and dry it using a clean cloth.

Another method is that you can use a vacuum to clean the filter. If you want to replace the filter there are various types and sizes available in the market you can purchase the perfect one for your air conditioner.

Take off the case of the air conditioner:

While the air conditioner is mounted on the window without removing it take the case of the air conditioner so you can see the inside components of it.

You can also see the condensation pan and other removable components. Remove them and clean the dust from them.

Soak the components in water in a way that they are completely soaked in. After the dust is removed from the components take them out and clean them with a cloth to dry them. Place them back in the air conditioner and always adjust them in the exact location.

It is also very important to clean the pan filled with water so that the mold does not grow in the pan.

Use a vacuum and spray to clean the air conditioner:

To lean the air conditioner without removing it take a vacuum with soft brushes and apply it softly inside the air conditioner.

Gently apply the vacuum and suck out the dust balls or any other stuff inside the air conditioner. You can also use spray filled with water and detergent.

Spray it inside the machine and wipe the dust away. Applying this procedure makes sure that the other components are not affected.

Condenser coils:

Condenser coils are located at the backside of the unit. The backside also has a covering that is removable the covering does not need any cleaning it is only used to protect the components inside the air conditioner.

Repairing the condenser coils if damaged is quite expensive. So always try to maintain the condenser coils and clean them with care. Use hose or spray bottles to gently remove dust balls and other elements attached to the condenser coils.

Final step:

After you have cleaned all the parts and when the components are dry put them back in the air conditioner with care.

If you are unsure how where to attach the components then take help from the manual. But if you are not confident enough to do it then take help from the professionals.

Components need to clean the air conditioner:

Before you start cleaning the air conditioner you should gather all the necessary tools. Some of the important tools used for cleaning are mentioned below.

  • A bucket that is filled with water to soak air conditioner components
  • A vacuum with soft brushed
  • A spray bottle filled with water and detergent
  • Clean clothes to dry the components
  • A screwdriver
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Fin comb
  • Gloves to protect your hands from the sharp fins