How to Decorate your Home with Industrial Style

How to Decorate your Home with Industrial Style

Industrial style has always been popular among design enthusiasts, but in recent years it has also become very accessible to the masses. No longer just confined to lofts and warehouse spaces, you can find industrial accents and elements in homes across the country, from small studio apartments to sprawling mansions. So how do you bring industrial style into your home? How do you modify your home with industrial style? Here are six steps that will help guide you through the process.

The basics

You may have heard about industrial-style decorating, but there’s a lot more to it than just applying a bold coat of metallic paint. Simply slapping on an antique shop chandelier or hanging a few bare bulbs from your ceiling isn’t going to do much for you. There are actually different types of industrial style — from vintage industrial (think Victorian-era factories, train stations and warehouses) to modern shabby chic styles that make old-fashioned light fixtures and furniture look sleek. The most important thing when decorating in any style is making sure everything fits together well.

Furniture tips

To get started, it’s a good idea to re-think what you really need from furniture. Often, we collect things just because they are on sale or they’re cheap. But when you look at what you need and where it will be used, there may not be any reason for some of those items. Try scaling back and only bringing home items that are absolutely necessary—plus some decoration touches. Check out places like stores like World Market for high-quality decor pieces that won’t break your budget. It is also wise to stick with neutral colors when it comes to furnishing a new space since most rooms can benefit from warm grays and browns. Using pops of color here and there will help bring more life into an industrial space.

Lighting tips

Wall sconces and pendant lights are great for adding lighting in an industrial style. Wall sconces are great for kitchens, offices or bathrooms, whereas pendant lights look great in dining rooms, living rooms or bedrooms. Try using these styles in large groups to add a sense of symmetry to your design. For example, you could hang three wall sconces above a kitchen island or install four large pendant lights over a table in your dining room.

Interior design

If you’re hoping to give your home an industrial feel, start with a clean slate. Clear out cabinets and closets, leaving only what’s necessary, and consider switching wall colors. White walls can make rooms look bigger than they really are, so it’s a good idea for any room where you want to create an airy ambiance. Make sure you pay attention not just to surfaces but also details like hardware: For extra warmth and character, use polished steel knobs rather than plastic ones on cabinets; try antique or vintage doorknobs in place of bland black ones. On doors that don’t need to open all the way, cutouts or inserts can give them a frame-like appearance while making them more functional at the same time.