How to dress well to have style at work?


Dressing well for style at work is not trivial. It is even an essential step for your credibility. Gone are the days when the only full suit was necessary to establish herself as a woman in the world of work . You have more freedom for your outfits and you can compose pretty looks off the beaten track even for going to the office. This implies that you don’t always know what to put on . Knowing the right basics and the right outfits will help you for sure. I guide you in this article to know how to dress well to have style at work and to leave no one indifferent.

1) Why is it important to dress well for style at work?

Your style is the expression of who you are

You spend the majority of your time in the office, whether you are employed or self-employed You wouldn’t think of being badly dressed 8 hours a day (minimum), would you ? Of course, working from home gives you more flexibility in choosing your outfits . It is a chance. But there comes a time when you have appointments or people to meet, even as a self-employed person. Your outfit will be even more essential. Do not forget, your interlocutor will form an opinion about you in just 1 second. You have no choice, you have to hit the mark at first glance. This is where your style comes in. It is the expression of yourself, of who you are and of what you want to send back to the world. Your personal style is your best ally .

It is the same, and even more, when you work for a company. And whatever the appropriate dress codes. You owe it to yourself to be groomed and to convey the best image of yourself. It is also about having the capacity to create a personal and conscious style with attractive dress Again, your colleagues and interlocutors will get a picture of you in a second. So many reasons to pay particular attention to your gg dress outfit and your style.

Taking care of your style gives you credibility

In short, dressing well for work puts you in the ranks of those who have mastered their appearance in professional circumstances. A woman who knows herself knows how to show off. She expresses it to the world. She feels confident every day with her clothes. Do you want to be one of the active women who take care of themselves ? Or would you prefer to stay in the category of those who drag their feet every morning because they haven’t found their style and outfit that makes them feel fulfilled, good in their sneakers! There is no hesitation to be had on this point. And as I like to repeat, don’t worry, the personal style is created, it is learned . That’s the beauty of conscious style too!

2) rules for dressing well to have style at work

Dressing well to have style at work requires knowing 5 rules in my opinion . They are fundamental before you start to compose your outfits for going to the office. As much as you have more freedom than in the 80s to dress, you don’t always know what to wear . It is a logical consequence.

Rule number 1 to dress well for style at work

You need to know your company’s dress code . In other words, you must be aware of what is allowed and what is frowned upon. I do not recommend going to work in sneakers if your company recommends a dress that is not casual. Fortunately, companies are more and more flexible about which codes to follow. Few of them demand a strictly defined outfit. And everything is ultimately a question of balance and good associations , as very often with style. You can wear sneakers very well, as long as you combine them with a sleek and understated outfit. See you below for inspiring ideas.

Rule number 2 

You must play on the right balance of your outfit, that is to say, do neither too much nor too little to release confidence, femininity and character.. Of course, you don’t want to be transparent. But you don’t want to sound too sexy or even vulgar either. This is again where style comes in, your loyal friend. Thanks to it and the good associations between your clothes and between your clothes and accessories, your outfit will never be spoiled. For example, avoid wearing two short pieces together. It’s a short piece + a long piece, and basta. In other words, the short low-cut blouse + short skirt is to be avoided. Instead, prefer the elegance of an airy belted blouse associated with a midi skirt or cigarette pants. 

Rule number 3 

Who says good balance and sobriety, also says good dosage of colors. Again, do not overdo it and choose 1 to 3 different colors as much as possible. Reserve your colorful outfits for your holidays or for your weekends. Be careful, that doesn’t mean you have to be bland, far from it. It is again a question of general harmony of the silhouette. Prefer for example 1 basic color + 1 strong color. Or 2 basic colors + 1 strong color. Or 1 strong color in camaëu. I will soon offer you an article on how to combine colors. It is an art that you can master with a few tips and tricks.