How to find the right product in our battery air pump comparison


Whether on the beach or on the highway, in so many places we are dealing with objects that would never work without air. In order for these things to be fun for us in the long term, they have to be given new air every now and then.

But if you’re just thinking about laborious pumping with the best hoverboard helmets or inflating the air mattress, rest assured: there’s also a battery-powered air pump that does all that for you. Read our buying advice to find out what we have learned from various air pump tests.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our battery air pump comparison

The most important in a nutshell

Compact, handy and wireless: Electric air pumps are flexible everyday helpers that can provide useful services anytime and anywhere thanks to a rechargeable battery.

Whether air mattress, inflatable boat, bicycle or car tires: Thanks to the battery-powered air pump, your favorite objects are magically brought back into top shape – the tedious pumping work with your hands is completely eliminated.

In the case of battery-powered air pumps, a distinction is made between low-performance and high-performance versions. The former scores with handiness and mobility, the latter with a particularly high pressure, which is also sufficient for your car tires.

Car tires, inflatable boats, bicycle tires, air mattresses, paddling pools, game balls, balloons – there are a number of objects that would not work in any way without sufficient air. Their whole principle is based only on the fact that they contain exactly the right amount of air. If no air is yet contained or more and more air naturally escapes over time, one tool becomes unavoidable: the air pump.

But if you think you still have to squat down for the act of inflating and fight your way off with tedious pumping movements, then you are mistaken: Manufacturers have long been presenting more modern variants of the hand-held air pump that are worth a closer look. One of them is the battery-powered air pump for air mattress and Co., which works completely without cables and completely electrically. In our battery-air pump comparison, we go in search of the best models. The results were based on battery-powered air pump tests from 2022. Let our purchase advice also introduce you to all the criteria that you should consider before buying.

Battery-powered air pump – Electrically inflating in no time at all

What is a cordless air pump?

With a cordless air pump, you never have to spend yourself with manual pumping, let alone bubbles: It is not a mechanical, but a very special version of the classic hand pump: An electric pump with a rechargeable battery. The latter gives it enough drive to pump a lot of air into the desired object by itself and thus make it ready for use again in no time at all. Unlike the wired electric pump, the cordless air pump has the decisive advantage that it is absolutely flexible and handy.

Since air pumps are often needed in situations where there is not necessarily a socket ready, best electric longboards such as on the bicycle or car tire, this feature makes it the top favorite among all types of air pumps. Within this category, a distinction is made between the compact battery air pump or mini pump for camping and leisure needs as well as the particularly powerful high-performance air pump – a battery-powered air pump with a hose, which is usually available as a stationary pump. While the small version is the most popular choice for everyday use, the high-performance air pumps are ideal for large or heavy objects, for example as a battery-powered air pump for the inflatable boat or as a battery-powered air pump for car tires.

Tip: Are you planning a bike tour? Then the purchase of a compact battery-powered air pump for the bicycle as well as a damper pump could be a worthwhile investment for you. With this you do not have to exhaust yourself additionally with a flat tire, but can have the whole thing done comfortably by your battery-powered air pump.