How to Gain Subscribers from Youtube Shorts?


What Are YouTube Shorts?

According to YouTube, “shorts are a new short-form video experience for creators and artists who want to shoot short, catchy videos using nothing but their mobile phones.”YouTube Shorts are a new feature of Youtube that permits Youtubers to create short-form vertical videos ranging from 15-60 seconds. 

Features of YouTube Shorts 

Portrait Mode- YouTube shorts must be captured in a portrait mode or uploaded in portrait mode as they have a vertical format. They appear in their own section on YouTube’s mobile app within the main video feed. 

Selection of editing tools– YouTube shorts come with a wide range of editing tools, a slow & fast mode of capturing, from which creators optimize their video content and get more interactive with their community through a minor yet productive and fruitful effort.

Increases reach of the YouTube channel effectively-YouTube shorts can increase your channel’s visibility, viewership, subscriptions, and engagement rate with less effort employed to craft them. 

YouTubers must get their YouTube channel endorsed by buying YouTube subscribers to increase their rankings, reputation, engagement rates and to drive more potential subscribers. In this modern world of fast communication, why don’t you put your step ahead to drive your target audience through a short promo, teaser, and a unique quick story in itself called YouTube shorts?

How to Use Youtube Shorts to Get More Subscribers?

You can use the following 6 strategies to drive more subscribers via YouTube shorts: 

Strategy#1 Record YouTube Shorts efficiently

You must capture a vertical video by using your android phone in an upright position. As, short videos are easier to produce, shoot, and execute, this leads to an increase in view-time, ROI, engagements, and subscriptions as well. A great YouTube short can promise good future content by a Channel which strikes eagerness in your target audience to join & follow you. Creators can record their voice or can even choose from a wide range of music from the library, control video speed and there is a timer &countdown to keep them alerted too.

Strategy#2 Rearrange Video Content

Although YouTube shorts run on a vertical video format, still it is not compulsory to film it with your smartphone. You can portrait the best versions from your existing videos to reach target potential subscribers. For this, you need to create a custom template in your video editor that is 1080×1920 pixels (the opposite of the standard 1080p template) and expurgate your prevailing videos into smaller segments or mix multiple videos together. Longer videos or archived videos can also be repurposed and used as shorter snippets using video editing software and this can magnify your target subscribers. 

Strategy#3 Leverage Youtube shorts to increase subscribers with a call to action in the end

At the end of the video, you can appeal to the audience by just saying, “if you like my content, subscribe to my channel for more” It is very easy for viewers to subscribe to your channel immediately with the red highlighted subscribe button provided by YouTube.

Strategy#4 Leverage the massive views on YouTube Shorts Videos

YouTube shorts are a great opportunity to grow subscribers for a channel as they generate an explosion of views with the newly expanded target audience to taste your YouTube creations.

As Channel size is irrelevant, even new channels with one subscriber can make their videos appear on the shelf as a video from a million-subscriber fanbase channel. Also, videos on the shelf can end up being the most popular video on the creator’s channel. Which eventually helps small to big channels, grow their target audience and subscribers steadily.

Strategy#5Use the YouTube shorts hash tags# in Your Video Title to increase subscribers via increased reach and visibility

YouTube recognizes that your video is created particularly as a short, so, use the hashtag #short at the end of your video title. You can also put the hashtag in your video description of the video.

Strategy#6 Leverage trending Topics

To know, how to use YouTube shorts to get more subscribers you must leverage trending topics to make YouTube shorts. No matter, how many Youtubers are creating on that trending topic but it’s never gotten old if it’s on trending. Use trending songs, dialogues, news, social activates, movies, series for your topic so that your video get more views and admiration and help you for driving more subscribers. To find the latest trends, leverage resources like real-time data on YouTube trends. Here are some popular selections:

  • YouTube Trending dashboard (based on the user’s country)
  • Popular on YouTube page (globally)
  • Google Trends for YouTube 
  • Keyword Tool for YouTube

Some important stats about YouTube Shorts 

Here are some key statistics about YouTube Shorts you should be aware of: 

  • According to Alphabet and Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, YouTube Shorts players are receiving 5 billion daily views
  • Shorts launched in India in September 2020 but it currently remains in beta.
  • There are three target audiences for YouTube Shorts:
  • Creators, influencers, and artists.
  • Active YouTube users
  • Marketers, Advertisers, and brands.

I hope you understood, how to use YouTube shorts to get more subscribers. Feel free to share!