How to Regulate Healthy Body Temperature with Cooling Sleep Aids

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Do you experience sweating during sleep? Do you want to get rid of this feeling? You keep changing sides in hot, sweaty sheets in bed and just watch hours tick by. However, only a person suffering from this can understand the importance of refreshing sleep. 

FACT: Lack of sleep can affect the work efficiency and life quality of a person. The best approach is to follow all things that can upgrade your sleep experience.

Factors like your bedroom, room environment, lifestyle, sleeping habits, and bed may affect your sleep quality. However, products like cooling linens and bed cooling pads can help to improve your sleep experience and reclaim rest.

How Body Temperature Affects Your Sleep?

It is important to maintain your body temperature throughout the night. Change in body temperature does not only affect your sleep but also has a negative impact on your overall health. 

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A pea-sized part of our brain known as the hypothalamus is responsible for maintaining body temperature. It also regulates hunger, the release of hormones in the body, and other important body functions. 

FACT: In the morning, the hypothalamus starts working to raise your body temperature from 98.6 degrees to 100.4 degrees. It continues to rise till afternoon, which helps you to feel active and energize all day long.

Use of Hot Sleepers and Night Sweats

Irrespective of gender and age, anyone can be a hot sleeper. Hot sleeping is a condition in which a person feels too hot at night, irrespective of the room temperature. Such people struggle to fall asleep and wake up with a puddle of sweat in the morning.

The room environment and bed have a great effect on your sleep comfort. The use of synthetic fiber bedding can trap heat and raise bed temperature. Also, pillows and mattresses can also trap heat inside. It can cause restless sleep, and you wake up tired in the morning.

Fortunately, its solution is available. The use of proper cooling bedding and bed cooling pads helps to circulate air properly throughout the bed. It maintains the right body temperature for comfortable sleep and is perfect for taking care of yourself. You feel fresh and more energetic in the morning after taking proper sleep.


Many females experience severe hot sleep during their menopause due to the reduction in estrogen levels in the body. The bedroom environment and improper bedding make this situation even worse. 


In many people, night sweat is the result of some medications. Common medications that cause hot sleep are antidepressants and diabetes control drugs. However, medications used to reduce fever may also cause night sweats.

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Medical conditions: 

Many medical conditions also induce night sweats. Conditions like diabetes and hyperthyroid can cause night sleep. It happens because the thyroid gland controls hormone production and body temperature.

Tips to Keep Your Bedroom Cool:

The National Institutes of Health recommend that bedroom temperature for optimal sleep is somewhere between 18-25 degrees Celsius. You may feel restless sleep or difficulty falling asleep if the room temperature is high. 

Cooling your bedroom with air conditioning is not an optimal solution. Sometimes due to severe weather conditions or shortage of electric supply, you may not use this option. Humid and warm air can cause restless sleep. Here are a few tips that you can use to cool your bedroom.

  • In the evening, open the windows and run fans in your bedroom—circulating the fresh air in the room.
  • Try to keep only necessary electronics in the room. More electronics generate more heat which can raise the room temperature.
  • During a heatwave, try to keep your room cool. You can close curtains, blinds, drapes, and windows to shield the room from hot air and sun. Moreover, you can use blackout curtains that block the sunlight.
  • Turn the portable and ceiling fans when you sleep. It will keep the room cool and air fresh. You can place a bowl of ice in front of a portable fan. As the ice melts, you will get cool air. 
  • When you go to bed, turn off all the unnecessary electronic items like a laptop, mobile phone before sleep.
  • You can go for central home conditioning if you notice a rise in your surrounding environment. An economical alternative is to install an air conditioner in your room. If you experience a power supply shortage, then choose a power generator. 
  • The air conditioner and power generator are easy to operate once installed. They are very useful for people who live in volatile weather areas.

Find Your Perfect Cooling Sheets:

Cooling sheets are the best hack for the people who are suffering from the summer heat or night sweats. If your bedding sheets are not breathable and absorb moisture, you may experience sticky and hotness in your bed. 

Cooling pads and cooling sheets help to regulate body temperature throughout the night. You can choose the right one that fits your needs. They are available in different fabrics like cotton, synthetic fiber, bamboo, cancel, etc.

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Every person has different preferences. People who live in dry weather and experience light night sweating have many available options in cooling bed sheets and bed cooling pads. They need maximum protection against humidity and sweating during sleep.

Final Verdict:

No doubt sleeping in a hot environment is a big challenge. However, there are many tips and tricks that you can follow to overcome this situation and get a peaceful sleep. A proper sleep routine and environment reduce the struggle to fall asleep.

FACT: People who struggle to fall asleep at night and experience night sweating should avoid intake of caffeine. They also avoid the use of screens that emit blue light before sleeping hours. It helps your brain to slow down its activity and prepare it for sleep.

Moreover, people with the problem of sweating at night also go with cooling bed sheets and cooling pads for a better restless sleep experience. It is better to do such activities that relax you and help you to fall asleep in a better way.