How To Select the Right Tire for Your Lifestyle


Picking the right tires can really change your relationship to driving. Some people find a choice as simple as specialized winter tires can make stressful weather as simple as, well, as Sunday drive. Off-road enthusiasts already know that tire tread pattern and size play a big role in its performance, but that philosophy can serve you well even if you only drive on regular roads and freeways. With a choice that matches your environment and driving style, you can enjoy a smoother ride and more responsive handling.

A More Smoother Drive

On the road, performance tires are the key to a soothing ride that lets you focus on the joy of driving. Whether you choose tires specifically designed to help in the rain or just those built with long-lasting treads that help keep your handling nimble, it’s up to you. With the difference made by specific material formulations and tire tread patterns, it can be surprising what a simple upgrade like a new set of Mickey Thompson Classic III tires can do for you.

Off-Road Lovers

Off-roading is easier when you have the tires for the terrain, which is why many drivers keep two sets of tires, and sometimes even three or four. All-terrain choices are generally good on pavement and the trail, and they do okay in mud and sand. When used as everyday tires they help channel water away from the vehicle during storms, but they are not the best choice for something like a mud run or overlanding across dunes.

Sand and mud tires are both distinct, and they are not the only terrain-specific choices. There are also snow and ice tires, hard surface tires for rocky surfaces around mountains and arid areas, and even some manufacturers offering tires optimized for driving across pastures and farmland. It all comes down to the tread and tire size. Larger tires tend to do better off the road, and deeper treads can help get a grip on loose material. From there it’s really a matter of what tread pattern helps handling most under the current conditions. Keep this in mind as you pick out off road tires.

More Upgrades To Smooth Your Ride

Tires do a lot to help your handling and your riding experience, but they are just part of the overall steering and suspension systems. If you add more upgrades to your steering, you can improve handling even more. On the other side of the equation, improving your suspension will further smooth the ride for you.

Off-road suspension kits often come with recommendations or even requirements that you lift the vehicle, but you can also find performance air ride suspension upgrades for vehicles that never leave a paved surface. Most of those packages are built on the assumption that you will not actually lift the vehicle, and they are available for many car types as well as trucks and SUVs.

Remember, OEM parts are a fantastic way to refresh a vehicle’s performance, but only aftermarket upgrades allow you to exceed those benchmarks and specifications and get the most from your vehicle.