Importance of Special Medicine Packaging for Business

Medicine Packaging

Medicines play an extremely significant role in keeping you save from any disease and keep you healthy. Usually, medicines come in packaging that can be difficult to open. In this regard, pharmaceutical industry is identifying the needs of customers who experience such difficulties. If the medicine packaging is difficult to open and is not user-friendly than what’s the point?

In recent years, medicine industry has brought innovation in packaging design, materials, and technologies. It means now there is a wide variety of user-friendly packaging solutions available that you can choose from. Most significantly, packaging must achieve its primary purpose which protecting the medicines it contains. The other most vital purpose of the packaging is to satisfy customer’s requirements. Moreover, packaging should be attractive enough to attract customers towards it so that your business makes as much sales as possible.

Custom Printed Medicine Boxes

Packaging has a vital role to play when it comes to building product-customer relationship and promoting brand in the market. Custom printed medicine boxes are the most ideal packaging solutions for companies looking for a breakthrough to promote their company. Medicine boxes with logo, name, instructions, precautions, expiry date, and other useful information printed on it sells more to customers. These boxes are the most effective solution to build brand identity, boost product value, and increase sales.

Role of Special Medicine Packaging

Material of the packaging should be good enough to maintain the quality of dosage. High-quality material keeps the product away from deteriorating chemical, biological, and physical entities. Companies should select the material which protects medicines from moisture, light, chemical, gas, and protect it from all external influences. Medicine packaging should be designed in such a way that it keeps inside product safe from gases like oxygen, or nitrogen which can potentially abolish the curability of medicines. There are well-defined guidelines for storage and preservation of pharmaceutical products. FDA has listed down packaging materials which should be used for packing particular drug. Here are few important features your pharma business should have. To learn more about them, stick to this article!

Medicine Protection

It is probably one of the most important points which every medicine brand should take into account. If packaging fails to shield medicines kept inside then it will affect brand’s image and will not make your business grow. Many medicines lose their curability and become unstable when come in contact with air, moisture, light, and other external factors. Therefore, protection from these factors ensures that formulations remain stable, effective, and safe. Following are the primary packaging options that are used to develop user-friendly packaging.

  1. Sachets

Sachets are the primary packaging solutions for instant drinks, and they come in different sizes. This packaging is commonly made of laminated polyethylene terephthalate (PET), laminated aluminum paper foil, or aluminum foil. These materials keep moisture and light away from instant drinks and give them protection they want.

  • Stick Packs

The ideal packaging for ODGs is stick packs. This packaging can also be made from laminated polyethylene terephthalate (PET), laminated aluminum paper foil, or aluminum foil. The stretched out shape makes is easier to pour the contents into the mouth and swallowing directly.

  • Pouches and Tubes

These packaging solutions are best suited to pack lozenges, chewable tablets, and effervescent. Tubes are most commonly manufactured from polypropylene (PP) or aluminum. Alternatively, pouches are made from laminated aluminum paper foil. They both offer great shield to protect medicines from external problems.

Packaging Design For Older Patients

Most patients that use medicines are older patients. However, for this patient group, packaging can be a barrier. Traditional packaging for tablets and capsules is often hard to open screw caps and temper-evident closures. To resolve such problems, packaging should be designed and developed in such a way that elder patients don’t find it difficult to work with.

High Demand for Customization and Convenience

Nowadays, patients and customers look for convenience in their lives. They want their packaging to be customized according to their preferences and requirements. Pharmaceutical industry has taken these demands under consideration. They have developed packaging that is more portable and re-closeable for on the go kind of situations.

Children Resistant Packaging

Apart from convenience, packaging should be designed in such a way that it has resistant to opening by children. Latest user-friendly packaging comes with built-in child resistant features. Sachets and stick packs can also be made safe using laminated PET aluminum foil. Which is hard to tear up, especially by children.

How Packaging Labeling can Grow Pharmaceutical Business?

Product packaging and labeling must have compliance with FDA rules and regulations. FDA has defined specific labeling standards for the packaging of medicinal products. Medicine boxes should contain all the information related to the product packed inside such as product name, ingredients, drug fact table, use, dose, warning, and allergic reaction.

Font matters a lot! When it comes to printing information on the medicine boxes, font used should be easily readable. Companies should manufacture packaging by targeting its potential customers which can be both youngsters and adults. Therefore, font size and type matters tons with specific grammar and abbreviation incorporated in packaging. All these important factors will help you grow your pharma business with enhanced business opportunities.


Pharmaceutical industry earns billions of dollars every year. But to satisfy customer’s requirements they should come up with advanced packaging solutions to meet customers as well as business requirements. This will not only make their brand known but will grow more sales.