The Difference Between Arthroplasty and Joint Replacement Therapy


Orthopaedic surgery is a field of medicine that deals with the evaluation and management of disorders that affect the body’s musculoskeletal system. Many terms are used to describe the surgical procedure; arthroplasty and joint replacement therapy. However, there is a difference between these two procedures and their purpose. And this blog will point out the difference between the two treatment procedures and why surgeons recommend one over the other.

Which one is right for you? We will explain the difference between the two and how each one can help you.

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What is Arthroplasty?

Arthroplasty, a joint replacement, is a surgical process of replacing the knee’s damaged cartilage or any other arthritic joint with a plastic or metal device. It is done to get proper joint functioning by patients.

Joint is defined as the spot where two bones meet. There are various types of joints in the human body. For example, your shoulder helps perform the moments of your hands; your knee helps in bending of legs, your elbows.  

Arthroplasty is done for joint replacement like knee, elbow, wrist, ankle and shoulder. 

Different Types of Joint Replacement


Before going for joint replacement, it is essential for every person thinking about surgery to know the difference between arthroplasty and joint replacement. But the truth is that it is the same thing.

When someone says they are going under arthroplasty surgery, it is that replacement surgery only. So, doctors giving the other name to this surgery as the original name often scare people and create unnecessary tension in the patient’s mind. 

Shoulder Joint Replacement 

One of the most commonly seen surgery is the should arthroplasty. Usually, this surgery is done by people who face pain and mobility issues in their shoulder. Other reasons are arthritis and shoulder fracture. 

So, one can improve the strength, motion and functioning of your shoulder with this surgery. Meanwhile, in post-surgery time, a person can do any physical activities, including swimming, yoga, running and pilates. 

Total Knee Replacement 

In a total knee replacement, the doctors or surgeons remove certain parts or portions of the bones of your knee bones and replace them with artificial ones. This replacement works as a natural joint and helps get proper functioning and movements. 

total knee diagram

When a person’s cartilage muscles in the knee are damaged or worn away, opt for knee arthroplasty. Other reasons to have knee surgery are:

  • Knee pain 
  • Knee injury or damage 
  • Disability in joint 
  • Knee deformity. 

Hip Arthroplasty 

The surgery in which a patient’s hip portion is replaced with the femur ( thigh bone) or pelvis and their portions is known as hip arthroplasty. Further, this process helps people deal with hip stiffness, pain and arthritis in that region. 

Hip surgery is also done for recovering from injuries like a broken hip, injury and other conditions. Doctors recommend this process only if you cannot do daily routine activities or are having severe pain in the region. 

Reasons to have Hip Surgery:

  • Firstly, if a person is having rheumatoid arthritis and bone tumours
  • Hip joint damage 
  • Fracture in the hip

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Recovering After Surgery

Getting sooner recovery is something every patient thinks for, but very few can achieve it. There are certain precautions and post-surgery routines that you have to follow to recover fast.

One of the essential parts of post-recovery time is that you are regular with your exercise. So, performing daily workouts will help you gain flexibility, mobility, and strength in the region and its surrounding area. 

You can also go for physiotherapy with expert doctors and do yoga. 


Going for a joint replacement is a huge decision and needs proper facts and figures. You have to go through all the possible outcomes and medical conditions. At this time, consulting an expert doctor will help you make the right decisions. At Chanddni hospital, a team of experts is always there to help you cure your issues with the best treatment possible. They provide the best medicine, but their consultation has helped many patients get over their joint pain and injuries. 

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