Leading By Example – What Does It Mean?

Leading By Example - What Does It Mean?

One of the most important things you can do as a business leader is to inspire your employees. There are reasons why it is important, how to accomplish it, and examples of how to do it. Most people sadly misconstrue what exemplary leadership embodies, especially in business. As the ideal business leader is perceived to be an authoritarian, this view does more harm than good to the average business organization that adopts it. A common denominator in all good leaders like G Scott Paterson, a technology and media venture capitalist, is that they are an inspiring force inside their companies. Being an inspiring person requires the following these steps: 

  • Show care for their future.
  •  Make employees feel valued by demonstrating appreciation.
  • Inspire, motivate and communicate with them.

People need to feel appreciated and valued, especially if they are working for someone else. When everyone feels secure that he or she plays an essential part within the business, this will result in better productivity. Thereby ensuring that everyone has faith in the leadership of the company is key. Scott Paterson Toronto is a perfect example of great leadership.

Working on personal growth involves the following:

  • Understanding All Tasks

First, they should be aware of what needs to be done before giving orders or assigning work. Then, demonstrate how it’s done and discuss the challenges encountered. They’ll be more inclined to follow through if they know they have had experience doing it and can overcome any obstacles. Providing answers along the way empowers your employees to ask questions.

  • Delegating Responsibilities

This is very important for those who are in a leadership role. Otherwise, the employees will become overwhelmed and get behind on their tasks or skip some entirely. The more ownership they have in their job and the better it is for everyone. Furthermore, this helps boost productivity at the company since it motivates them further. Effective delegation helps the employees to have more focus and achieve great results.

  • Listening To Employee Feedback

After a task has been delegated, a good leader like Sam Walton listens to what people think about the task assigned and how they can improve future delegations. A business’s employees can give suggestions to improve current projects for its benefit. Take advantage of their employees’ expertise to manage the business. Whenever possible, delegate more work to less experienced people first, so they may develop their skills within the company. Additionally, taking care of difficult situations or complex problems is important to boost the morale in the workplace and everyone can see that they’re willing to work hard.

  • Acknowledge Employees

Don’t overlook any good work from subordinates. Showing them how their good work is noticed will push them to work harder. 


Conclusively, leaders must strive to demonstrate leadership by setting examples, being readily accessible for questions, listening actively, and constantly showing appreciation and respect for employees’ efforts. In turn, this creates loyalty among staff members who find themselves working even harder while making their jobs more fun, resulting in a better production process and less stress among employees.