Learn to Swim at Star Swim Schools

Learn to Swim

Swimming is a skill that proves to be a life saver and a healthy activity for your kids. The skill is best acquired at the early years.

Star Swim Schools is established on the notion that water skills and safety are priceless life lessons for young Babies. They offer quality training sessions and significant results in a fun and developmentally befitting learn-to-swim ambience.

Baby Swimming Lessons

If your child is 6 months to 3 years old, they can enroll in a baby swimming class. These classes teach children water safety, aquatic skills and fun games that make learning to swim a great experience.

Besides teaching basic water safety, these classes will also promote a healthy relationship with water, which can help children develop strong swimmers. Skin-to-skin contact is another benefit of baby swimming lessons, as it releases oxytocin, the hormone that fosters bonding and development.

British Swim School has been offering water-survival and learn-to-swim classes for over 35 years. Its instructors have a variety of swimming experiences and are trained to ensure that your child progresses as quickly as possible.

Swim offers a parent-and-child class for babies and toddlers, as well as private one-on-one sessions. You can also sign your baby up for an instructor-only lesson if they are comfortable being in the water alone. swimming classes Clyde focus on basic water and swim safety, so you can get your little one ready for independent instruction.

Kids Swimming Lessons

A fun way to introduce little ones to the water, swim lessons are also an excellent form of exercise. Kids learn new skills and develop confidence in the water — which means they will feel more comfortable at a pool party or on vacation.

In addition to a standard set of beginner classes, British Swim School offers self-rescue survival lessons for small children (starting at three months!), taught by teachers with a high level of expertise. The self-rescue program is especially designed to teach tiny ones how to survive an accidental fall into water, a common cause of drowning deaths amongst children in the US.

All Star Swim School was founded by Brian Oas, a former competitive swimmer and long-time swim instructor who developed a non-intimidating, child-friendly program to help children be safe in the water while having a great time. Now owned and operated by Brian and his wife Jennifer, the program draws on their unique background in childhood education, competitive swimming, and aiding children with special needs.

Adult Swimming Lessons

Our adult swim lessons are for students of all ages and abilities. Swimming lessons Clyde taught by a professional swimming instructor and focus on advancing each student’s water safety survival and swimming skills.

Our first level for the older age groups is designed to help a wary student overcome their fear of water. Our instructors take the time to ensure a student is comfortable in the water and will push them to try their hardest to master the basic swimming movements.

Guppy 1 teaches the basics of safe swimming, including blowing bubbles, floating on back and belly, gliding and rolling, and practicing the elementary backstroke. Participants also learn to submerge themselves, front crawl, jumps and crabby walks, which are skills that could save their lives if they become stranded in the water.

Once they have progressed through all five levels, students move to a Stroke Development class where they put their endurance to the test and practice longer distances. They also learn the butterfly stroke and participate in races to encourage competitiveness.

Women’s Only Swimming Lessons

Star Swim Schools offer single-gender women-only swimming lessons for those who require privacy for personal, religious, safety, or cultural reasons. The view of the pool is curtained off for privacy and no men are allowed in the water or locker rooms.

This program is for adults 18 and older who have a desire to learn to swim and are ready to receive personalized instruction. Classes are 45 minutes long and have 10 students per class.

Level 3: Child is able to streamline glide on front & back, flutter kick on front & back, tread water with a whip kick and perform alternating arm cycles on front & back.

Exit Skills include: kneeling dive, steamline, catch-up freestyle with side breathing, double arm backstroke, scissor kick, body dolphin motion and tread water w/whip kick. In addition, swimmers work on stride entries, compact jumps, legs only surface support, eggbeater, breaststroke and interval fitness training.