Omatic 6 Ways To Make Batch Gift Entry In Salesforce More Efficient


6 Ways To Make Batch Gift Entry In Salesforce More Efficient

The batch gift entry feature in the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack became available in 2019. Nonprofit staff now have the ability to easily enter large batches of donation or gift data. The batch function makes it possible to import donations into Salesforce in batches of up to 10,000 gifts. Find out about the benefits of this new feature as well as how organizations using Raiser’s Edge can implement an RE software integration to facilitate processing large batches of donations.

Why Batch Gift Entry Helps Nonprofit Fundraisers

The ability to enter gifts in batches can reduce the amount of time that the staff of a nonprofit spends entering individual donation information into Blackbaud Salesforce records. This method also offers several useful options such as the ability to specify an anticipated total amount for a batch and do a dry run to ensure that the total amount of gifts adds up. 

Use Intelligent Matching Logic to Prevent Duplicate Records

Batch gift entry also benefits from intelligent capabilities built into Salesforce NPSP. Matching logic is able to alert staff to the potential creation of duplicate records. Resolving potential duplications prior to the creation of these records can prevent redundancies that could cause confusion during future analysis or fundraising and ensure existing records remain complete and current.

Benefit From Advanced Donation Management and Selection

Nonprofit staff entering data in batches stand to benefit from several features built into this utility. This tool is located under the Batches subtab and has a mouse-free interface. The ability to do dry runs to check for record matches and confirm the total amount of a batch of gifts can be helpful for preventing the inclusion of incomplete or incorrect information in a database.

Match an Exact Batch Total Amount

It is easy to ensure that the total amount of gifts recorded in a batch adds up to the expected amount. In addition to confirming record accuracy, this function can direct attention to the need to update pending gifts or gift classifications that require further action. 

Use the Pending Donations Method

It is possible to use batch gift processing to indicate and update the status of pending donations. Based on whether a not-for-profit takes an accrual or cash approach to accounting, the ability to view open donation records and take action to secure promised amounts and close these records can keep fundraising campaigns on track.

Do a Dry Run of an Entire Batch

Doing a dry run of an entire batch is the best way to ensure that there are no duplications or irregularities in gift amounts. This function is one of the best features of the batch gift entry capability of Salesforce NPSP.

These tactics facilitate processing any size of donation batch in Salesforce NPSP. This set of tools for consistent form templates is easy to use and has intelligent features to prevent matching records and ensure that totals add up to specified amounts. When combined with other nonprofit management best practices such as clearly defining gift classifications, this function can make donation records more accurate and useful.