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Advertising is crucial for any business, product to grow in the market. Advertising industry earns a lot due to its significant functionality in establishment and growth of a business or industry. Whether you have introduced a new cookie, a new shampoo or a new real estate business, promotional ads are what you require to be known in public. Traditionally, linear TV ads, which are a part of broadcast schedule, run daily on specific channels. With the advancement of technology, people are more oriented towards social media. Advertising industry makes a magnificent use of social media to fulfill their purpose. Social media advertising provides the facility of reaching a greater audience with a single click. 

The purpose of ads on social media platforms is to promote brands and services to as many people as possible within no time and less cost. Facebook, Instagram and many other social media platforms show a variety of promotional ads. Moreover, once you click an ad, you would be directed to many other ads of similar categories. That also helps the social media users to access online shopping platforms that offer the product they might be looking for. 

Reaching direct audience:

One of many purposes of playing ads on social media platforms is that ads are delivered to the right audience. There are thus lesser chances of related ads getting unnoticed by the audience. Ads are only purposeful if they are directed and focused on the targeted audience. Addressed advertising becomes quite convenient through the social media platforms and targets desirable audiences. Addressability of ads through social media, mainly Instagram promotes the accessibility of right ads to the right customers. 

Diverse ad strategies:

Different social media platforms offer a wide range of advertising features which vary in format and style. You can promote your brand through a video ad, an image or even by collaborating with influencers which tends to be more effectively productive. Advertisers follow the frequency of the age group which uses a particular social media platform more, and then accordingly introduce the ad through the use of various appealing techniques. Advertisers can make effective use of graphics, visuals, audios and symbols to produce an ad that gets the limelight on social media.  

Productive low-cost advertising:

Another benefit of social media advertising is that it is cost-effective as compared to print ads. An ad in a newspaper might not be as catchy as it can be done through the unique techniques of ads on social media. Social media platform ads require a good graphic design which is not that expensive yet highly catchy for the audience. 

A growing trend:

Day by day, more and more people are joining social media. From teenagers to elderly people, everyone does have a Facebook, Instagram and snap chat account. Therefore, to comply with the current trends of public interest, advertisers tend to follow the same pathway to advertise their product or service. This trend allows the exposure of ads to a greater number of audiences which results in the growth of business. 

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