Restaurant Marketing on Social Media 101

Restaurant Marketing on Social Media 101
Restaurant Marketing on Social Media 101

Restaurant marketing on social media plays an integral role in increasing restaurant sales. Unlike the olden days, people check for reviews posted in social media before trying out a new restaurant.

As per the survey conducted by TouchBistro, 41% of restaurant goers visited a restaurant purely based on positive feedback on social media.

5 tips for effective restaurant marketing on social media

Let’s go through the various techniques for marketing your restaurant effectively on social media.

Build a robust social media profile – Instagram and Facebook are the two most popular social media platforms among food lovers. As per the research by Zizzi, 18-35-year-olds spend five entire days a year browsing food images on Instagram .

It also shows that 30 percent would avoid a restaurant if their Instagram presence was weak.

Build your restaurant’s profile on these platforms with a short description, a link to your website and your address. If you are providing contactless dining features such as the one offered by Inresto, highlight that point in your profile.  

Post tempting images and videos – Post high quality, hard to resist images of authentic dishes at your restaurant. Make sure that you do this exercise frequently to attract more engagements. Videos of your chef preparing various dishes can also attract more footfalls.

Participate in local events – Set up your stall in a community event such as the anniversary celebration of a residents’ association. Post photos of your restaurant’s signature pizza being served at the event. It acts as a trigger for the social media followers to try out that dish.

Host social media contests – Come up with contests in social media that lead to more engagement. An example can be a gift voucher for the best comment on a photo posted on your Instagram page. Such simple steps definitely attract more traffic to your profile.

Make use of hashtags and emojis – Always check the trending hashtags and include them in your social media posts. The chances of your restaurant getting noticed thus increases.

Post emojis of various food items such as a slize of pizza or burger to increase the engagement.  As per Sproutsocial, using an emoji in your Facebook posts can increase shares by 33% and interactions with your post by 57%.

Parting Words

In an era where restaurants are struggling with the challenges posed by Covid-19, effective social media restaurant marketing is the way forward. The tips discussed above will definitely attract more footfalls at your restaurant.

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