Roof Waterproofing Services with Flexible Membrane Sheet

roof waterproofing services

If you already live in the property, or if you bought the used property and, before moving in, you noticed that there is infiltration on the roof, flexible membrane sheet is the most suitable roof waterproofing services solution.

A flexible resin composite reinforced in place with membrane sheet or roving blankets, forms a monolithic layer over the roof, enveloping the floor, skirting boards, drains and other structures. There are no amendments.

The finish is part of the roof leakage waterproofing system itself, chemically merging with the structural layer. It can receive a non-slip finish (or not), according to the customer’s wishes. The possibilities are countless. There are also some minerals and/or synthetic aggregates that, added to the finishing layer, imitate natural stones, with a sophisticated look.

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This finishing layer is weather and UV resistant. And, of course, it has surface mechanical resistance, making it ideal for passable areas.

The reasons of roof waterproofing services with flexible membrane sheet

  • Here are some reasons of roof waterproofing in Islamabad with flexible membrane sheet:
  • No need to break the floor – the system is applied over the existing surface;
  • It does not generate rubble and long works with noise – it is applied, in general, 6x faster than traditional systems;
  • It is applied by qualified waterproofing specialist, by the waterproofing services company that created the system, which has more than 35 years of experience;
  • It can receive several finishing options, including imitating natural stones;
  • It has a 15-year warranty and an estimated useful life of more than 30 years.

This roof leakage treatment is applied throughout Pakistan by Roof Power, one of the top waterproofing companies in Pakistan.

Evaluation of roof waterproofing services with membrane sheet

As it is a system applied on the existing surface, it is necessary for our team to make a brief evaluation. It is to estimate the price of the application of the roof waterproofing services DHA. There are some factors to consider such as ease of access to the area and the presence. Also consider the absence of risk for working at heights. Consider them when it comes to a renovation. There are several situations, you should dealt with appropriately .

Some frequent doubts about the system are about the possibility of waterproofing application with ceramic floor, with mosaic or tile. It is possible to waterproof the roof on colonial ceramics, stone or terrazzo without removing the existing surface. What you need it, in some cases, smooth the surface – as the waterproofing services in Islamabad inherit the original relief of the area.

The same goes for areas with occasionally deteriorated floors.

You can do regularization either with additive mortar, or with fast-curing membrane sheet chemical putty. All these factors influence the final budget, and we will evaluate them.

For a quote for our waterproofing services in Lahore, please contact Roof Power (, a roof waterproofing services company in Pakistan.

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There is no need to remove roof structures and antennas for application.It has long warranty period. It does not generate waste. You can apply it over previous structures. It does not add overweight.

In addition, you can use the flexible membrane sheet in basement waterproofing, roof heat-proofing, bathroom leakage treatment, water tank waterproofing and bathroom and tiles waterproofing.

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