Step By Step Video Marketing Tactics

video marketing

Popularity of video marketing is increasing as videos become viral at fast speed as compared to the blog contents. For video marketing there is no alternative to the YouTube as it is one of the popular platforms available on the web. It is the second largest search engine on the web, more than 5 billion videos are watched on the YouTube on a single day, and it means that there are more opportunities available on YouTube for video marketing but the marketing tactics are debatable. 

All videos are visual contents and its promotion techniques are similar to the optimization of blog contents but for videos optimization on YouTube some additional factors like watch time and number of views are counted. Higher the watch time for a video, the possibility of its ranking will be high in short span of time.

For video marketing quality of video plays a vital role. For high quality video creation, you keep in mind the following tips:

  • You should have your own shooting environment. High resolution set of Camera with variable lenses.
  • For quality shooting purchase a tripod and adjust your camera on it.
  • A good lighting in your studio is inevitable.
  • Use background with light colors that will develop an attractive environment.
  • For high quality voice, wireless microphone is recommended.
  • Good quality mixing equipment is mandatory.

The first step to start video marketing on YouTube is creation of YouTube channel. For YouTube Channel always keep in mind the following tips.

  1. Select a workable niche for YouTube channel.
  2. Do a proper keywords research for selected business niche.
  3. Upload first video that have a comprehensive introduction of your YouTube channel.

For better results on YouTube, develop a community on YouTube that can be a milestone stone to make your video viral in very short time. Beside this workable formula, there are some result oriented strategies that are discussed below:

1. Search Engine Optimization for Visual Contents

If your whole planning for video optimization is not for higher SERPS in both search engines, YouTube and Google, there are chances of invisibility of your quality contents. We advise you, do a lot of home work at initial level that is necessary for higher SERPS and for good results, show a lot of patience. If you are lacking in your initial research process, you will not get exponential progress for your business and your business will be buried in deep chasms.

Scoring high conversion rate is the dream on every entrepreneur. Here are tips that will act as a guide for your video optimization journey.

  • Study your business from every corner carefully, then select business niche. Do a keyword research for your YouTube video channel and then for videos that you want to upload on channel with frequency and consistency.
  • Insert Tags in YouTube channel as well as in the videos that you are uploading. Write relative and attractive Title for videos. Description of videos must be matching YouTube standards.
  • Select a standard YouTube Thumbnail Size for custom YouTube Thumbnail to attract the more viewers for your videos.

2. Use Video as Part of Contents

For video creation do proper research to make the contents relative to your business niche. As your video marketing strategy must be consistent with your strategically business planning.

All internet marketers know that content marketing is a cheaper lead generation technique to drive traffic for online business. In case you write a blog post that is ranked later for high organic traffic, you have free option to embed your video in the blog post for description of blog post and with the intention to increase visitors involvement in the  video  and finally to involve the viewers.

With YouTube analytics, you can easily monitor the performance of videos that are inserted in the blog contents. In case of relatively poor performance, you can edit onsite SEO of YouTube videos.

3.Development of Video Editorial Calendar

Development of Editorial Calendar is the back bone of your video marketing strategies. With this calendar, your team will be aware of the future publishing of the videos and they will plan each day task till to day on which they have to live the videos.

You can preview your videos before publishing date and can remove all glitches in the video with professional communication in the members of a team.

4. Social Media Marketing

On all Social Networks create your business pages, visits to the other online entrepreneur’s business pages. Develop a communication channel for foundation of strong social media marketing community. Like, comment and share their contents. Also advise them in the light of your professional experience.

The strength of your Social Media Marketing community will be very helpful to make your video viral instantly. So we recommend you apply all marketing tactics on social networks like Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest , Twitter etc