Guide To The Steps You Need to Develop a Game App Like PubG

Develop App Like PUBG 1

In the present time, gamers are in search of exciting, challenging, and multi-level games every time. For them, PUBG game has come up as one of the interesting and top-rated games that have been popular worldwide due to including effects, graphics, challenges and levels. 

Introduction to PUBG Game

This Player Unknown’s Battleground, also known as PUBG firstly developed as a desktop game and then, it was developed as a mobile gaming app. Pubg game development came into knowledge in late 2017 and was created by Brendan Greene. Since then, this battle royale game has been ruling the hearts of people. It uses a wide range of supplies, weapons, and also automobiles that make this game more interesting to play. 

Procedure to Develop App Like PUBG

Following are the main requisites to create the same mobile game like PUBG, check them out- 

Game Development Strategy

Highly imperative and striking feature to consider for the development of a game app is its strategy. You must know what type of game it should be, what challenges will be there, the game functions, etc. Always come up with unique ideas like funky dress-up and wonderful weapons or something like that can hook the users. Be original and also make it your USP to grow in the gaming industry. Apply advanced technologies and techniques that can support your game app development across multiple platforms. 

Planning and Launching of the Game App

After writing down all the necessary points needed in the game app, start the development plan. Try to search out the ways to apply all your ideas together. Analyze if your ideas are suitable or not? Also, consider one most important thing that is the selection of the platform on which you are going to launch the app. Will it be iOS or Android or both? Identify your target audience first and then decide which platform you will choose? 

Designing and Development Phase

Game design is the prior thing to pull out the audiences. Include amazing levels, crazy characters, striking weapons, fun story, fast vehicles, etc. to make the game more exciting for users. Add additional features along with realistic 3D graphics along with bright colours to give a treat to eyes. Also, the game app development must have clear and effective sound control.

When we talk about game development, it is significant to know about the required technology for it. Here are some of the programming languages-

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It can be used for game launching on different platforms, right from the desktop to mobile devices. This side sourcing language is also considered as an official language to create Android gaming apps that can be launched easily.


It is used to build the core of the game same as PUBG and also used as a general-purpose programming language. Mainly, it enables the developers and programmers to build a universal and highly-functional gaming app and also provides security to them.

Unreal Engine 4

It is coded in C++ language, and this game engine can be used for game app development like PUBG to add great portability and realistic game graphics. 

Pearl 6

This programming language has been used to develop PUBG along with Games of Thrones. It is known as an object-oriented programming language that provides interprocess communication and simple coding. 

Mobile App Development Cost

From sound design and 3D graphics to interactive UI and game design, each thing needs money. Make sure what is your exact budget, including all the things like designing, development, launching, advertising, etc. For having a rough estimation, you can put the game cost up to $40K-$50K. 


Roll up your sleeves and start working if you want to have a wonderful app like PUBG. If you want some assistance, you can hire a PUBG game developer. He will help you by providing technical support and guidance. By having accurate planning, smart marketing tactics, expert technical support, and never-ending excitement of a passionate gamer, you can achieve your goal with ease. Also, take help with these guidelines mentioned above to develop a mobile gaming app with striking features.