The Art Collection Is Not Just A Hobby


Why do people love art? It is a question that can arise in the mind of any individual. Art is a form of spiritual healing to which humans are extremely attached. The deep stories, the colors, and the beauty of the artwork heals and relaxes our mind. 

Art is an expression of a creative mind, drawn on paper as a painting or a sculpture with emotional and imaginative power. Art lovers love to collect art because it makes them feel soothing, looking at gorgeously done work. But here is the deal, making money out of art hasn’t been a very famous job for a while, or one must say, business in the past. Nowadays, Investors are also in this field. As an admirer of contemporary art and an investor in artworks, the Chairman and CEO of ThreeD Capital Inc., Sheldon Inwentash net worth is a clear example that art can be a wonderful resource.

  • Art makes people happy: For instance, if someone owns a piece of art, they will have a deep connection and emotional feelings attached to the artwork. It provides pleasure, lifts the mood, makes all the bad sentiments and heat in the brain go numb. Moreover, people collect paintings because it makes them wonder. It makes them think, and the internal peace that artwork gives is splendid. 
  • Collecting art for making an impression: Is one of the most common things people do nowadays. Just knowing that art makes your interior look better and complete makes people so relaxed. The starry night of Vincent van Gogh will surely have an impact on the whole interior. It all goes into the uniqueness, framing, and location of the painting. It makes the place more livable and reduces isolation. 
  • Art does not require any language: Anyone can understand art but in different ways. It needs a human brain to think and wonder about the design and the story of the artwork. Surely, the artworks have histories and years of experiences of someone visually described with just mere context. 
  • We learn to observe minutely: Art gives us a different perspective of an entire scenario. We tend to see things that were always there, but we happen to miss them all the time. The color combination, the design, the directions, the uplifting tone of beauty refreshes the eyes. As a painting lover himself, the famous investor, the Chairman, and CEO of ThreeD Capital Inc., Sheldon Inwentash net worth, proves that collecting artworks gives a different kind of fulfillment.


Collecting art for joy is a great hobby because it brings happiness and smiles to the faces of people. It helps them relax and stay calm. It gives a beautiful impression. People collect art to show off sometimes, completely wasting the purpose of collecting the art. But there are still art lovers out there. The devotion for artwork saves the purpose roof working hard and bringing a new perspective to the world.“I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.”- Vincent van Gogh.