The Top Benefits of a Central Air Conditioning System

Central Air Conditioning System

Central air conditioning has become more of the standard in homes than window units. A central air system consists of three main components: an outdoor, indoor, and connecting part. The outdoor unit contains the compressor unit that pumps cooled air into the house through ducts. The ducts then distribute the cooled air to all of the rooms in the house. Below are some of the top benefits of having a central air conditioning system in your home.

Better indoor air quality

Central air conditioning systems have been proven to reduce dust mites, pollen, mold spores, and other indoor pollutants. They clean the air as it is distributed throughout the home. Central systems work by drawing fresh outside air into a home through a filter that captures dust particles and then distributes the filtered air via ductwork into numerous rooms.

Quieter system operation

Central air conditioning systems are quieter than window units because they are larger, have more insulation to reduce noise, have higher efficiency motors that are better sound insulators, and are often installed into an area that has already been built with extra sound-deadening materials.

Increased home resale value

A new central air conditioning system can increase your home’s value by hundreds or thousands of dollars – that’s because 88% of buyers say good AC is one of the top things they look for in a new home. Central air can also improve resale value by increasing comfort, reducing humidity and allergens, and extending appliance life.

Invest in a professional air conditioning installation Jupiter

Are you interested in installing a new air conditioning system in your home? If yes, do not hesitate to ask the help of your trusted local professionals. You can get fast and efficient results if you work with the pros rather than doing a DIY job. Get quality consultations and estimates when you call the pros today!