The wine that suits all occasions!


Riesling, for example, has long been stigmatised as a wine that is “too sweet” because of an unjust perception. This wine, mainly produced in native Germany, has a perennial favourite among sommeliers as it goes well with about anything.

A unique fermentation process transforms them from heavy to airy. 

Having a big cup of soup on a warm day will only make you want to nap and sweat a lot. The same holds for your beverage of choice. Because Riesling wine is typically made in stainless steel tanks rather than oak barrels, it doesn’t have the rich, buttery taste of other white wines. 

If you’re heading to the beach, you want something light and crisp with a floral undertone. Chardonnays with a lot of wood flavour are out. No thanks. That’s not anyone’s idea of a beach vacation. 

Riesling is available in various flavours, from dry to fruity and full-bodied. 

Some super-sweet Rieslings aggressively promoted to Americans in the 1960s and 1970s contributed to the sweet wine cliché, but that’s only part of the story. Rieslings can be bone dry or extremely sweet, depending on the region from which they are sourced. Whatever your taste in sugar, you’re sure to find something you like. 

You get to go on a vacation with them. 

Rieslings have a distinct place identity or terroir more than most other wines. You get a better feel of where the wine was grown because German Rieslings are more open with details of where they were produced—the water, soil, light, climate, etc. German Rieslings come in various styles, ranging from dry to off-dry. Each region’s unique soil types and climate give rise to a range of wine flavours and traits, ranging from sharp acidity to vivid fruit flavours, that can take your taste buds on a journey when consumed. 

As an all-day drink, Riesling is ideal. 

Unless you enjoy at least half of the summer months outside, you do the season a disservice. It’s a no-brainer to have an extra glass of Riesling wine during your day drinking session because they usually have lower alcohol levels than other wines. 

You’ll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed by six o’clock if you and your buddies start drinking wine at noon and continue drinking in a relaxed fashion throughout the day. You’ll be fine by knowing your boundaries and not overdoing it. 

Because of their high acidity, they are ideal for sipping throughout the hot summer months. 

German Rieslings’ high acidity and residual sugar give them a crisp, delicious flavour that will have you yearning for them when the air conditioning is on all summer long. 

Summer necessitates items with decent acidity, a tiny amount of natural sugar, and lightness. Riesling has the most significant level of acidity of any grape or beverage. 

With them, you can eat anything you want. 

If sushi, pizza, or empanadas are part of your perfect supper, then Riesling and you are a match made in heaven. A good accompaniment for practically any dish, from your Poached Eggs in the morning to your noodles at supper, is a lemon wedge. Acidity in the fruit is mostly to credit for this. 

In a summer drink, it’s a game-changer. 

When it comes to impressing your friends, Riesling is one of the best wines to use in a cocktail because it doesn’t try too hard. Consider using vodka or tequila instead of a heavier spirit, and then add mild fruit tastes from a flavoured liquor or fruit purée to bring out the wine’s aromas and nuances. The next time you’re invited to a barbecue dinner, make a large batch of wine cocktails, and everyone will be distracted from the cook on the grill.