Tinder, Badoo, And Bumble: Which One Will Take The Throne?


According to Betway online casino, the usage of dating apps has increased with time. From the conventional way of dating that included one getting introduced via the medium of common friends to the new means that use the application as a channel to create an opening for interaction, the concept of dating has changed a lot.

In fact, it is taking over the world. With plenty of applications. coming around, with updated features to make the experience of dating a smooth-sailing affair, it can be said that people are left with many options to indulge in. 

With apps like Bumble, Badoo, and tinder, it is not a mystery that it has become rather easier to reach out to new individuals. However, have you ever wondered which app is more accessible? 

Which application is more relied upon? This article will provide you a thorough historical account of how the dating app came to be, and which application is ahead in the game. So let’s begin. 

How did the concept of dating applications come to be?

Let’s get one thing clear. Dating applications are a manifestation of a human notion that seeks to find an intermediary tool to communicate. In other words, these applications are nothing but a tool to communicate, to seek love. 

Gone are the days of conventional dating, thanks to the ascension of newspapers, it became even easier to find love. When applications weren’t developed, it was the newspaper that turned into a tool to find love. 

The first-ever recorded lonely-heart adverts that were ever published in a newspaper was in 1965. After only five years of generation of newspaper, someone took the initiative to turn it into a tool to find “the one”. 

The advertisement was placed by a man from the UK who said “30-year-old man with a very good estate seeking some good young gentlewoman that has a fortune of £3,000 or thereabouts’ ‘. 

Well, mate, good luck finding her. However, the advert ignited a sense of inspiration among the students of Harvard and they sprang towards using an IBM 1401 COMPUTER to create what many didn’t think possible. That was to develop the first Operation Match. 

It was the first matchmaking service in the USA which came to be only six years after the technology was developed. Seeing how the concept of using intermediate tools to find “love” became famous, it can be said that the contemporary dating app took influence from social media platforms. 

The first-ever social media that rocked the world was MySpace. Back in 2003, everyone was pretty much on MySpace, moreover, taking the popularity into account, in 2004 came Facebook, or at that time known as ‘hot or not’ specialized for the community of Harvard campus alone. 

However, within three years, the concept of including a section so that one can find their match came to a concrete realization, with MySpace launching three dating websites. These websites are PlentyOfFish, OkCupid, and Badoo. 

Now let’s move forward to at least 5-6 years ahead in time. In the coming 2012 came the turn of the most important dating apps, tinder, and hinge to make an entry into the dating realm. 

Both the apps became very popular, and thanks to the progression of smartphones and technological advances, many started using the application with one intention in mind, that is to find “somebody to love”. 

So which application is winning the race? 

With so many options springing up, which application is getting ahead to claim the “most accessible dating application” in the app store? With thorough research conducted via participants of almost 165 countries, we have produced a result that showcases which app is winning. 

  • Tinder:

Only after the six years of development, it was estimated that the application alone has recorded a whopping 50 million users hailing from almost 190 different countries. Moreover, the calculation for the recorded matches for each day recorded a shocking 20 billion. 

Imagine, 26 billion matches per day. Moreover, the application has made it to the list of top applications in the respective app stores of the recipients with the perfect score of 86% of the 165 countries. As the application supports 40 languages, it became rather easy for utility. 

  • Badoo:

In the second spot, we have Badoo. The application successfully managed to acquire 500 million users, which is 1.5 times more than the entire population of the USA, in February. Moreover, it has been marked 7% in terms of actual users.  

  • Bumble:

Bumble has successfully taken the third spot in the race with 2% of the population using it thoroughly, making it third in terms of most popular dating apps in an app store ranking. The application has clocked in 42 million users till now. 

Ending note:

Now that you know which application to turn to, what are you waiting for? Turn to the universal language of love now.