Tips For Creating A Large Modern Living Room With Four Different Layers


Nothing beats a living room with a corner fireplace for creating a soothing ambiance at home. You may use it to warm up your house on a cold day, and it also adds a bit of comfort to your room. Sitting by the fire in the fall or winter is the ideal way to spend your time. In addition, a corner fireplace can be incorporated into any decor, from a rustic to a modern living room.

If you’re not sure how to work around the fireplace in your large living room arrangement, the recommendations below can assist.

Frequently Asked Questions About Living Rooms With Corner Fireplaces

Determine The Amount Of Space Required For A Corner Fireplace.

The first step is to determine how much space a corner fireplace will take. Consider the normal flow of traffic in your living area to do this. It is preferable to keep your fireplace at least 36 inches away from any flammable walls that are exposed. Also, remember to include a non-combustible hearth extension on both the front and side of your fireplace. A wall protector can be used, however, it may result in just 12 inches of clearance.

How To Arrange Furniture In A Room With A Tv And A Corner Fireplace

There are a few suggestions for arranging furniture in a living room with a corner fireplace and television. Begin by defining your space with the back of your sofa. You might also position the television at an angle close to the fireplace. Swivel chairs may be used to move from the television to the fireplace as needed. Another option is to separate your room into zones by utilizing furniture as separators, such as a sofa, shelving unit, or area rug.

How To Arrange Furniture Around A Corner Fireplace

Regardless of where you set your television, there are some recommendations to assist you to arrange your furniture in a living room with a corner fireplace. One option is to start again with your arrangement. Don’t be scared to try out alternative layouts. You can always move your furnishings if you are unhappy with the layout. You should also decide on your focus point and if you want one or numerous focal points. Because your fireplace is in a corner, you may have to appreciate it from an awkward angle. As a result, it is advisable to simply accept the angles and work around them.

4 Different Corner Fireplace Living Room Layouts

It might be useful to look at a huge living room arrangement to get ideas for your own area. This is why we provide four modern living room models, each with a corner fireplace. The examples are intended for a rectangle living room 20′ x 30′ in size. They also have a dining room.

The First Layout

The first arrangement has a sofa in front of the screen for convenient viewing. However, it is set at a small angle from the fireplace in the left corner to create a pleasant atmosphere. You can place two chairs to the left of the sofa, facing the right wall, and a floor cushion to the right. When you’re not watching television, this is a terrific way to start a discussion. Your oval-shaped coffee table sits in front of the sofa, and an area rug defines the space.

Layout Number Two

In the second configuration, your L-shaped sofa faces the corner fireplace, and the television is positioned against an adjacent wall, allowing you to watch television at an angle. The coffee table sits in the center of the room, with two seats and a side table to the right. In front of the fireplace, a floor cushion. This time, your area rug will define and divide your space, with your dining table and shelving unit located several feet away from your sectional sofa and closer to the entryway.

3rd Layout

The third design is a living room that embraces angles, with your L-shaped sofa facing both the television and the right wall, and the fireplace in the left corner. Your two seats face the sofa rather than the television, and the coffee table is in the center, providing a more conversational space. The area rug is in the living room, with the eating area and bookshelf unit on the opposite side of the sofa, near the entry.

4th Layout

In the fourth configuration, your living area is closer to the entry and has both a 90″x40″ and a 96″x40″ couch instead of an L-shaped sofa. The coffee table is in the middle, with an accent chair and side table to the left of the entry. This arrangement does not require a television. You may delineate the living room with an area rug, with the dining area closer to the fireplace in the far left corner. Position your open shelf unit to the right of your dining table.