Trending Intraday Strategies That Work In 2022


While full-time forex trading may not be a possibility for all people, some traders have found the perfect alternative to that by picking up part-time jobs in order to close and open their trades during lunch hours or at night. Daily trading can cause you to lose opportunities especially when you are in the process of selling or purchasing assets. In today’s post, we are going to show you some useful tactics so that you can avoid disasters and maximize the right trading strategies. 

On that note, here are a couple of inlay trading strategies that will help you out!

Momentum Trading

With prices changing every day, momentum trading experts have said that the price trend shall definitely continue in one direction for a certain period of time. On the other hand, weakening movements have suggested that this trend has lost enough traction and is on the brink of decline. Hence, volume and price could be considered one of the best momentum techniques, which can include analytical as well as visual tools like candlestick as well oscillator charts. 

Range Trading

Another popular approach that is barely talked about is range trading. Here, it means that the prices will be not just predictable but also consistent over a period of time. It is usually considered best for markets and economies that are reliable and consistent. Range traders also tend to depend on the ability to purchase at sell at very expected resistances along with supports that are high as well as low. The stochastics, commodities channel, as well as relative strengths, could be the best instrumental which traders could also employ to find the best and most advantageous entries and exits.

Trend Trading

Another new trend is also called forex trading. A lot of beginners find this one useful as it usually consists of evaluating currency and price movements in a downward or upward manner. After this, one will be expecting to select the trade exit and entry positions. The strength of trends and the positioning of the price within the trends are required to calculate the points. The volume measurements, stochastics, directional indices, moving averages, etc will be the techniques used by most traders to assess all the important trends. 


Scalping is another intraday trading strategy that lets traders purchase and sell currencies. The purpose here is to squeeze the best profits in every single transaction. Such tactics depend on the analysis of these price movements. Scalpers also prefer trading accounts alongside brokers in order to gain better access to their best spreads. 

If you can’t trade full time, it is important that you strategize some more forex trading ideas depending on the schedule you have in order to meet your requirements and needs. However, do note that such strategies also come with a bit of restraint. To know more about forex trading and get familiar with concepts like stocks, trading, and what is share market, do check out our blog posts!