Top Ugly Disney Cartoon Characters

Ugly Disney Cartoon Characters

The ugly Disney cartoon characters rarely get an Happily Ever After and they’re not as adorable in the same way as Mickey Mouse or a Disney Princess.

The ugly Disney Cartoon Characters typically are the ones who get the short end the stick, even if they’re not the primary villains on screen in Disney animated films. But, the ugly Disney characters aren’t always the ones who marry Prince Charming.

Every Disney film has a cast of ugly Disney cartoon characters. Some are hilarious or kind, others are heroic, and brave. A person who looks ugly doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re ugly on the inside.

According to many, beauty goes beyond skin-deep, and there are many things to appreciate in Disney cartoon character even if they’re considered to be a ugly cartoon from the outside.

When you next find yourself looking at ugly Disney cartoon characters, make sure not to ignore their talent and positive traits.

Ursula – The Little Mermaid

Since the moment she’s talked about, we can tell it’s because she’s an ocean witch. The typical cartoon character of a witch doesn’t have a beauty quotient; they’re not like Disney Princesses. When we finally meet Ursula as a witch, we see heavy-set and has excessive makeup. Prince Eric believes the same.

Queen of Hearts- Alice in Wonderland

The Queen of Hearts is someone we see a lot of throughout the movie. When we take a good glimpse of her, we see a brunette-faced, red-faced woman. She is reminiscent of the animated Miss Trunchbull, but with an emerald crown.

Drizella Tremaine and Anastasia Tremaine – Cinderella

Drizella Tremaine wearing a green dress , and Anastasia Tremaine in purple, two step-sisters from all over the world, gave them an undeserved bad name. Teenagers should steer clear of their bad behavior. These female characters have large feet, but they also have big mouths too.

They continually bully Cinderella to the point of going so the extent of ripping up the dress she designed to wear to a party because of jealousy. The most embarrassing thing about the 2 unattractive Disney cartoon character is the way they conduct themselves and their personality and their hatred of Cinderella.

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Scar – The Lion King

Scar is the more disadvantaged brother of Mufasa. He will do everything to secure his fair share in the kingdom and all the rights he believes he is entitled to. Scar is the ruler of the pride land and a group of hyenas. They are the villains who would like to attack the lions. Therefore, they join forces.

The hyenas as well as Scar create a shady plan to take down Mufasa and become the pride of the land. The Lion King is one of Walt Disney Pictures’ highest-earning films.

Yzma – The Emperors New Groove

Yzma is the most entertaining cartoon character likely to be featured on this list. In contrast to the Queen of Hearts and Ursula, Yzma is skinny and frail, and she has nearly no hair.

She’s not beautiful or sought-after by other character in a romantic manner. In the Emperor’s New Groove is one of the many Disney films that are in the series and it’s got amazing villains and deplorable characters.

Quasimodo – Hunchback of Notre Dame

Quasimodo is among the most adorable and ugly Disney characters you can meet. He’s very caring and always seeks to be a good person however, the fact that he has a back defect which gives him an unattractive stomach. Though some consider him unattractive, he’s still one of the movie’s most popular characters.

Edna Mode – The Incredibles

Edna is the tough-love type of woman you’ve met in your life. She’s a stern and demanding character. She’s the most ugly duckling in the film, and also the Disney cartoon character makes us laugh throughout the movies The Incredibles and Incredibles 2!

Her style of dressing isn’t always the best however, as she wears extravagant outfits and glasses.

Phil – Hercules

He’s a goat. He’s petite, a little big with a very fiery temperament. The only thing is that Hercules is able to accept his rants.

Mother Gothel – Tangled

Mother Gothel In her real appearance, is an older woman, with wrinkled skin and thin silver hair. Her age is actually many hundreds of years old and she’s unable to keep her life going without the power of Rapunzel’s golden hair.

Mother Gothel is very selfish and makes use of her acting talents to manipulate Rapunzel and obtain what she wants.

Jafar – Aladdin

Jafar belongs to the group of who has an enormous superiority complex. After numerous failed attempts, Jafar couldn’t convince the Princess Jasmine to get married on his character alone.

But much far more so then Jasmine, Jafar realizes he is seeking supreme power and control. His insatiable need for power ultimately proves to be his ruin. Jafar is among the most enjoyable cartoon characters to cheer against.

The Fates – Hercules

Most people don’t view The Fates to be villains. They’re a group of three gods doing their work and are not generally considered bad characters.

But it doesn’t mean they’re horrible cartoon characters. Three of them have one eye which is used to look into the future. They also have hair that is stringy and long, pointed noses.

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Roz – Monsters Inc

Roz is among the most well-known unattractive Disney cartoon characters. She has a distinctive voice that people can hear when they share her memes via social media. Roz looks like a grumpy slug creature sporting red coat, sharp glasses and gray hair that is spiked.

The Hag – Snow White

Also called the Evil Queen. Also known as the Evil. Also known as the Evil Queen. Hage is the costume she chooses to use to convince Snow White to believe she is a harmless stranger. The Hage appears to be an older woman who has lost her teeth, sitting on her stomach with a wrinkled nose and hair that is blonde.

The witches’ deceit is effective. Snow White is easily fooled due to her big heart and a desire to help other people.

Randall – Monsters Inc

Randall is the main rival to Mike or Sully from the Pixar film Monsters Inc. In the Monsters Inc. series of film features, Randall always fights for the title of the greatest thriller regardless of what it demands.

It is one of Randall’s top priorities. Randall is an elusive purple chameleon who frequently changes his appearance to appear more terrifying or clever.

Ugo – Luca

Ugo is the father of Luca who is located in the most abysmal parts of the ocean. There, Ugo tries to get Luca to to live with him due to his mother’s wishes. You can look through his torso region at the organs. Ugo is also a sharp-toothed person who can make children nervous.

Smee – Peter Pan

Smee is the comic relief character in Peter Pan. He is Captain Hook’s partner in crime. He’s short, overweight, and has been getting bald. Smee is your standard middle-aged cartoon character that is generally bad, but who could be a nice guy in the future.

It’s a shame that Tinker Bell can’t use her magic to create Smee an imposing and dark Prince.

LeFou – Beauty and The Beast

LeFou is Gaston’s dependable but a bit silly best friend. He’s not a person to be taken seriously. He’s extremely faithful toward Gaston and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his good side.

He has a small and oversized frame, with a gap between his front teeth as well as his messy, brown hair.

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Jumbo – Lilo and Stitch

Jumbo is an alien that invented Stitch in the movie Lilo and Stitch. The majority of people are unaware of the sexy Disney cartoon character due to the fact that Jumbo was modelled on a hippo, which is why he has giant legs and arms! If he gets away and is sent to earth to search for him.

The Seven Dwarfs – Snow White

Some people think that some people think that the Seven Dwarfs are ugly, while some Disney fans believe that it’s a good thing that the Seven Dwarfs are adorable. They’re a collection of misfits, each with their own distinctive traits.

Their names are a reflection of their individual personalities, like Grumpy, Sneezy, Dopey, Sleepy, Doc, Bashful and Happy. Take a look at The Seven Dwarfs at Disney World and make your own decision.

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Forky – Toy Story 4

Forky is a plaything created out of scratch by Bonnie. She created the body of a spork as well as popsicle sticks to form his legs, which are held by gum and pipe cleaners in red to create his wavy arms.

Forky is unique from all the toys. He isn’t sure if he will make the right impression and attempts to get away however Woody will not let him go because Bonnie is her new favourite toy. Then, he realizes that he’s exactly where he wants to be.

Madame Medusa – The Rescuers

Madusa utilizes Penny in an orphanage in search of diamonds since the girl’s size is small enough to fit into tiny areas like caves.

Madame Madusa is a grayish-light purple skin, with long, bright red hair and green eyes.

Cruella De Vil – 101 Dalmatians

Cruell De Vil a well-known villain who is extremely thin with short, half-black, and white hair. Also, she smokes often, which is an unsavory behavior. Cruella is among the most detested Disney villains because of her ugly appearance and brutality towards puppies.

Do you know of other ugly Disney cartoon characters, and comic couples? These are the ugly Disney cartoon character that stood out from the others in a non-glamorous way. They didn’t have the look within their families.

A Disney film is nothing without the ugly cartoon characters. If you want to see more of your favourite animated characters go to the Cartoon characters page. Also, take a look at our top 100 animated films.

Popular Ugly Disney Characters Questions

Who is the most grumpiest Disney character?

The most grumpiest Disney cartoon character Grumpy Dwarf in the animation film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Grumpy is true to his name, and is always angry and rude, even when people attempt to make him smile.

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