Upgrade Your Outdoor Lighting with 3 Best Ideas

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is one of the most important aspects of your home. The outdoor lighting is what really highlights your beautiful landscape and sophisticated architecture and brings it to life. It also helps you to enjoy your outside space from the comfort of your coffee table or sofa. There are multiple reasons why you should consider updating your outdoor lighting, but the most important ones are given below:

  1. Make an impression: Your neighbor and guests form their opinion about your home based on the style and upkeep of your outdoor.Your outdoor lighting fixtures like decorative lanterns, landscape lights, etc., helps building in best impression about the interior of your home.
  2. Outdoor lighting enhances value of your home: Similar to your indoor lighting, your exterior lighting helps a lot in enhancing value of your home. It is advisable to stay relevant and current with on-trend fixtures to enhance your home’s outdoor appeal.
  3. Outdoor lighting increases safety and security: Well-lit driveways, porches, and walkways provides enhanced security to the entry and exit of your home plus makes it easy for your guests to roam through. It also helps prepare areas of your landscape for nighttime use. Utilizing right lighting not only makes your guests feel welcomed but also put them at ease and helps them feel comfortable on your property.
  4. Outdoor lighting creates scene for outdoor entertainment: Your exterior lighting provides you best platform for outdoor gathering. A well-lit outdoor space will entertain your guests best andkeep your party going well after dark. For lot of homeowners, exterior areas serve as a key location for entertainment and relaxation, hence, maximum effort should be put in providing best design, functionality and efficiency of your outdoor space as it serves as center stage of all your events.
  5. The Forms and Functions of Outdoor Lighting: A well planned outdoor lighting scheme can very much enhance the safety, security, and beauty of your home.

There are several options available for outdoor ceiling lighting with varying functionalities. Discussed below are 3 best ideas for your outdoor lighting design:

  1. Path Lights: These lights assist your pathway or driveway by illuminating them with light. These can be installed close to ground level topped with a diffuser which directs light downwards. Proper lighting leading up to your home reduces the risk of tripping on things plus enhances your house security manifolds.
  2. Wall Sconces: Outdoor wall sconces are one of the best accessories for your front door. It not only enhances the look of your home but also creates a warm welcome for your family and friends. These outdoor sconces can be hung by a doorway on one side or can be hung as a pair. While shopping for scones, just keep in mind that it should be one-third of the height of your door. Proper lighting at the door of your home enhances the look of your house in a great way.
  3. Pendant Lights: Installing pendant lights is one of the best ways to impress your guests and help you create more inviting outdoor space. Outdoor pendant lights can be hung in your front porch, back deck, veranda, or in gazebo to add a level of sophistication and warmth to your outdoor space. These lights are specifically designed to withstand elements like winter storm so that you do not lose your brand new lights. Also, while installing these lights, always check out for UL listing of your light. A fixture rated as damp location should be used in fully protected locations whereas fixtures rate as wet rated are safe to hang over in open air patios and decks as well as outdoor walkways/ dining areas.

Outdoor lighting is a great way to highlight key sculpture and interesting architectural features of your home and utilizing them you can very easily create the perfect space for outdoor entertainment or relaxation.