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Voice actors speak-Voyzapp enabling voice over artists to get the best VO opportunities online

Voice overs are essential to providing narration to a variety of audio and video productions, enhance the effectiveness of content and provoke thought and emotion in viewers and listeners. And this only becomes possible due to professional voice artists who have varied skill sets to service a wide range of requirements.

While the voice over career seems off-beat to some, one needs to be truly dedicated to the craft to create a thriving voice over career in this industry. Becoming a successful voice actor can be challenging. For beginners, it might be difficult to find the right medium to start. For a seasoned pro, receiving new opportunities and diversifying the skillset might be a problem. Add to that, the tight industry competition, various middlemen in the process, numerous auditions and delayed payments – the whole process becomes tedious and hassle-bound!

But, what if it could be reformed with technology? Voyzapp is a technology-powered online voice-over marketplace that is streamlining the conventional voice-over process by giving the right platform and exciting opportunities to voice actors. By offering an automated portal to thousands of professional voice over actors who work in diversified languages and numerous accents, Voyzapp has been revolutionizing the voice-over industry and providing high-quality recordings at quick turnaround time and affordable prices. The platform matches the right talent with the right customer without intermediaries, thus helping voice actors to work with well-known and globally reputed brands. Artists have to simply register themselves, and upload their voice samples, while clients – spanning across industries like TV, Advertising, Marketing, Radio, Corporate IVR, Elearning, Animation, and Audiobooks – get to select from thousands of samples. 

With digital platforms paving the way for the voice over industry, online voice over agencies like Voyzapp have beenpromoting this sustainable working practice since the advent. By creating a ‘safe space’ for talented voice artists and eliminating the need for middlemen, Voyzapp has helped voice actors to broadcast their versatility and expertise at a global stage.

If you are a voice talent, looking for some inspiration, you’re in the right place. It’s true that reading about someone’s journey to success can become the sort of example that can encourage others to persist in achieving their own goals. In today’s scenario, when the voice over business is hit due to the impact of COVID-19, Voyzapp has created a buzz in the industry by offering myriad opportunities to the voice artists.  As Voyzapp continues to aid several voice talents to make their career goals a reality by providing them with diverse projects, here is the success stories of some voice actors who have voiced a variety of projects at Voyzapp and who believe that success eventually comes when artists open themselves to new possibilities.

Bijalis a professional and experienced voice artist, and her natural ease in connecting with others comes through in her voice work. Conversational and soothing, Bijal has a fresh, engaging sound. She does voice over for everything from Elearning to promos and trailers, to animation and documentaries!

At Voyzapp,Bijalhas effectively showcased her versatile voice talent and sourced work from a wide range of clients. She credits “the clear, concise platform” for exponentially increasing the volume of potential projects. According to her, “I enjoy working with Voyzapp. It’s easily accessible and it connects customers to talent and talent to the customers. Here I have the freedom to set my own rates, my own delivery time and I have received prompt payments without a single followup!” With a proficiency in different languages, Bijal has been able to maximize and diversify the number of jobs that she gets. She is committed to delivering the best possible work for every client, and has earned commendable reviews through her passionate and impressive voice over services. With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, Bijal looks forward to continuing to bring a host of different accents, personalities, and sounds to breathe new life into brands and characters.

Being exposed to the world of audios and music from a young age, Harsh has always believed in the power of the human voice. With an engaging, and welcoming tone, Harsh makes each project unique and delivers the perfect voice over recording services to match his clients’ needs. At Voyzapp, Harsh has gained experience in all of the different avenues of voice-over. He has completed several impressive projects with Voyzapp and his vocal versatility has cultivated a diverse profile that has helped him to get a vast array of voice over clients and projects. According to Harsh, “The site helped me get projects easily and efficiently while also making sure that I would receive my payments after the project was complete, which is not the case with other websites or agencies.” A skilled and well-rounded performer, Harsh today does voice overs for a vast spectrum of jobs, from those looking for a friendly and conversational guy-next-door, to casting calls for a deep, commanding voice with a touch of grit.

“Being successful in the voice over industry requires perseverance, patience and a self-motivation to do better. Voyzapp has provided me the ease of utilizing my strength and extending my voice to the right audience. With Voyzapp, you can be assured of better opportunities, while still maintaining a steady flow of work.” he adds.

These voiceover success stories show that there’s no reason why you can’t become equally successful in this industry. The basic mantra: Just don’t give up!

About the Company:

Voyzapp is India’s first online voice over marketplace providing professional, reliable and cost-effective voice over recording services through 10,000+ voice actors who work in multiple languages and categories. Voyzapp provides the best in class search matrix where customers can search for voice actors, listen to voice samples, compare prices and delivery times, view artists’ profile and hire instantly at the click of a button.