5 Ways to Secure Online Examination System Process in 2020


The examination system is changing at the speed of light around the globe. With the increase in COVID cases, educational institutes and schools are embracing the new technology of taking online exams. In this way, the digital examination management system allows students to practice a lot for examinations. People do not need to stick in traffic while going to the exam centre. 

The best advantage of choosing an online method of exams is that it saves a lot of stationary expenses for schools and colleges. These examinations help examiners to test a student by different subjects, and the students can take up tests by sitting anywhere. The new system also enables the admin department to handle the exam activities without any hassle efficiently. Well, numerous challenges arise for academic institutes while taking up exams online. The advanced technologies also help colleges and institutes to monitor each student while they write exams. This is the reason why examinations are easily carried out by helping teachers to keep an eye on each student. 

The biggest challenge that arises while conducting an online examination system is to help reduce the cheating. To reduce this, it is essential to enhance the security of online examinations to a lot of extents. It will eventually enable invigilators and examiners to conduct exams without any kind of cheating. There are different ways to reduce the same. Here in this post, we will walk you through the five essential methods to choose for making online examinations highly secure. 

5 Ways to Secure Online Exam Procedure in 2020: 

1. Face recognition feature is one of the best in software: 

This stunning functionality is easy to integrate with an image or video proctor method so that students can take up exams sincerely. It decreases the risk of any face malpractice used for cheating in exams. The online test software is properly integrated with the Artificial Intelligence tool for increasing the security of exams. When a candidate appears for a test digitally, then the photo of student can be easily matched with the help of face-recognizing methods. Academic institutes can check the person sitting for an exam from time to time to know if the photo of the person taking the exam matches with the ID of the particular student or not. If in case, at any point of time, the image of a student do not match with the ID of that student, then there will be severe actions taken by invigilators and examiners. 

2. Software must be fully safe to use: 

When it comes to the online examination system, there must be immense safety in software developed. It must be designed in such a way that students cannot check any other sites while writing exams. It must also have good functionality which restricts the students to use the keyboard for copying and pasting answers from any other file in the PC. Academic institutes must also include the feature that immediately gives a notification to the students when they close their examination window. It will prevent the students from cheating on tests. If a student is caught more than three times following such malpractice, then the institute can suspend them immediately. 

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3. Proctoring the students throughout the time until the student appears for the exam: 

If online exam software is integrated with this functionality, then there is no invigilator needed in the exam hall. But, the student will not be able to cheat at all. First of all, the computer will immediately click the photo of a student. The software will also click the images after every few minutes so that invigilators and examiners can see the image of the student appearing for an exam. The software can also include the option to take a video of students appearing in the exam so that they don’t move from the screen and there is minimal risk of cheating in an exam. It will help students to take up exams honestly. Whenever children are writing exams from a remote place, then there are higher chances of cheating and the software is designed to decrease such fraud methods of passing in an exam. All the functionality of the software is integrated by keeping in mind about the ways a student can cheat in an exam. Online exam software must also take a screen capture of the student’s screen after a few seconds to decrease the student’s chance of cheating in an examination digitally. 

4. Data of exam must be saved in an authentic manner: 

Examination system online must follow the practice of keeping data appropriately so that there is no loss of data. The moment when a candidate is done with appearing a question’s answer, then the data shall move to the cloud so that it remains fully secure and safe. In this way, a student’s online answer sheets are not misplaced and properly arranged so that it is easier for the examiner while checking the copies. The software must include the feature of restricting the people from having access to the file. The access to file must be allowed only to the higher authority of school, colleges or institutes. In this way, children’s answer sheets are kept confidential in the exam software file. 

5. Software enables academic institutes to keep the online test authentic by using IP: 

Another best method to make online exams fully secure is by helping academic institutes to conduct the exam according to a certain IP address. For instance, the software is accessible by the IP addresses of a particular location only where students stay. All other IP addresses must be blocked by the examination department so that only school or college children can take up the exam and not other people. This, in turn, reduces the risk of online exam software misuse by someone else. Moreover, everything remains encrypted only by the admin department of a particular college or school.

Closing Thoughts

After a complete research on enhancing the security of online exam software, it can be said that the functionalities, as mentioned above, are important to include in the online exam software. It will help the academic institutes and schools to conduct online tests without any hassle because children will not be able to cheat and appear for exams honestly. If you are planning to develop such an amazing web app for your school, then feel free to contact the best web app development company. The skilled developers will guide you to design feature-rich apps as per your requirement.

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