WhatsApp Business Download Free For PC & Android (2020)

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business Download – WhatsApp is a very popular and widely used messaging application that doesn’t need any introduction. In fact, with 1 billion+ active users across the globe, you will not find a person who can claim that he has never used and downloaded the app to their smartphones.

WhatsApp is also one of the finest and most successful products from Facebook–the well-known social media leader. With its help, you can send across and exchange messages, voice notes, pictures, and even files & documents.

The app also helps you to hold voice calls and video calls. You may also organize group video calls in the instant messaging app. You may also access WhatsApp on your desktop. You can do it via scanning the QR code. Besides using the instant messaging app–to converse with your friends, families, and/or coworkers–you may also use this popular app for important business purposes. In addition, even though it doesn’t grow as fast as other mobile applications, it’s slowly adding more teeth, in the form of useful functions that have helped it to strengthen its user base further.

Yes, the instant messaging app has been coming up with new and better features and it has made the app more helpful!

WhatsApp Business app

WhatsApp Business allows you to have your business footprints on WhatsApp.With its help, you can speak more professionally with your clients, and develop your business further. The best thing about this product is that it’s 100% free to download. You can easily download it and benefit from what it has to offer. It has small businesses on its radar even as in case you run a small business, this app will be great for you. With its help, you can carve out a distinct image for your firm in the market.

The app is useful for medium and large businesses also, and they can use it to offer quality customer support and make important announcements to their clients. Use the app to create a catalog to exhibit your products and services! Connect with your valuable clients–with no trouble–by using tools to automate, sort, and speedily reply to the messages!

Like you, others running their own firms may also connect with their customers in a similar manner. They can make their own profiles where they can share vital particulars related to their products, store, etc. You can even send greetings messages to your new customers. Significantly, it also has ‘the away message features’ to inform you when you aren’t operating. Add unique personal and enterprise numbers to WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp enterprise on the equal mobile telephone.

Grow your business footprints further!

WhatsApp Business App: Top Functions, Features

You will receive all the features that you usually receive with your WhatsApp Messenger.

In addition, you will get these new, helpful features:

  1. You can make your company profile where your clients will be in a position to discover all they need to know about you, including your webpage, exact location, besides contact particulars.
  2. You will have a ‘corporate messaging option’ that will enable you to configure absence or welcome messages whenever you begin a dialogue for the very first time.
  3. You will also enjoy full support for landlines. To put it differently, in this Business edition, you will have the option to register a landline even as for this you won’t need a second mobile line.
  4. You will have full compatibility between Messenger and Business on a similar gadget.
  5. You can use WhatsApp Web to speak to your clients on your computer–via either from your browser or from the desktop editions for MAC & PC.
  6. For both the clients and the organizations that download the APK, with a view to configure a business account, they’ll get an edition that comes with a similar interface & system. To put it differently, it’s just like speaking to any other person in your contact list on your phone, via this app.
  7. Using it, you can speak to your clients and answers their various queries, supervise orders, and also facilitate other kinds of dealings between your business and clients–in a much easier, neat, and orderly way.

What Not to Forget!

  1. You may move your chat history and media to your new WhatsApp Business account from your current WhatsApp Messenger account, smoothly and with ease.
  2. On the flip side, it won’t be possible for you to shift your chat history to WhatsApp messenger–all over again–in case you aren’t making use of the WhatsApp Business app.
  3. Till the time your accounts are connected to the different phone numbers, you will have the option of using both the WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp Messenger, at the same time. You can’t use a single phone number for both the two apps.

WhatsApp Business Download Free For PC & Android (2020)

For PC

Follow this 6-step process! It’s easy and uncomplicated.

  1. Download the MEmu installer. After that, complete the setup process successfully.
  2. Start the menu and afterward click open Google Play on the desktop.
  3. Look for WhatsApp Business in Google Play.
  4. Install. Download and Install WhatsApp Business.
  5. Post the installation completion process; click the icon open, to begin.
  6. Start gaining from WhatsApp Business on PC with Menu.

For Android

Follow this 6-step process!

Like the one before, it’s also rather easy and straightforward.

STEP 1 Click open Google Play Store

Click Google Play Store open. Then, download the WhatsApp Business app.

STEP 2 Confirm your phone number

You will be asked to verify your business phone number. Do as asked.

STEP 3 Bring chat history back

Next, a message will ask you in case you would like to bring your chat history back from WhatsApp messenger to WhatsApp business. Do what suits you and bring your history back, as per your specific desires and needs.

STEP 4 Enter business name

Now, key in the specific particulars of your business name

STEP 5 Develop your profile

Post entering the name; build your profile, via clicking on the additional options.

STEP 6 Business name

Now, click open on the Settings option. Afterward, type your business name.

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